'Last Man Standing' Season 7 Episode 18 Air Date And Spoilers Revealed

Last Man Standing Season 7
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Last Man Standing season 7 will return on FOX on March 15 for its eighteenth installment. While fans and viewers are expecting the previously announced episode, The Passion of Paul, FOX will instead air the supposed nineteenth episode of the series which is titled Otherwise Engaged.

For some reason, FOX sees the latter installment a much more appropriate episode to air on the given release date. But as for the specifics, there are no further explanations given to the fans and viewers of Last Man Standing.

The Passion of Paul is a wise episode to air on the supposed release date, according to Cartermatt. And it's all because only a few series would take a church-themed episode into comedy which is apparently a risky move for the production. While risky, the publication believed that this episode will still be pleasant even to the apparent church-goers.

In reference to the official synopsis of The Passion of Paul episode, it revealed that Reverend Paul, who will be played by a guest star, Bill Engvall, will ask Mike Baxter to teach the Sunday School. And instead of accepting the request of the reverend, Mike calls on Kyle to replace him in the position.

Although there is not much information about what will happen in Sunday School, fans believed that things will likely to fall out of place considering that Mike always creates problems but in a funny way.

But since FOX pulled its strings and possibly swapped the schedules of the episodes, fans will no longer see The Passion of Paul this week. Instead, Last Man Standing will air its Otherwise Engaged episode. So, there is a good chance that the network is still weighing the risks of airing the said church-themed episode. Even so, the same publication thinks that FOX will still air it on the latter schedule of the series.

As for the Otherwise Engaged episode, the guide and synopsis reveal that Ed and Bonnie will spend more time together. And Bonnie will be played again by Susan Sullivan. So, the guest star is back for another episode.

As the two characters get to know more about each other, Vanessa hinders Mike to get involved. But since Mike is Mike, and considering the nature of the relationship, he will certainly interfere with their relationship.

Aside from these series of events, the upcoming episode will also feature Mandy and Kyle's eavesdropping about Kristin and Ryan. And unknowingly, they are being heard, thanks to the newly-installed security cameras.

So, while The Passion of Paul will not air in the upcoming schedule of Last Man Standing, fans and viewers will still get to see the whole family in the Otherwise Engaged episode on March 15.

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