'Station 19' Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers: 'I Fought The Law' Gave Fans A Foretaste Of What's To Come

Station 19 Season 2
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ABC dropped the ninth installment of the second season of Station 19 on March 14. And based on the reactions of many, it seemingly appears that the I Fought The Law episode gave away a lot of things in terms of the season's plot.

In the official synopsis of this episode, it stated that Andy, Maya, and Dean responded to a call in which they find an injured woman who is suffering from amnesia, according to Cartermatt. And along the process of treatment, the team realized that there is more to her story than what she had told them.

As it happens, the ninth episode of Station 19 season 2 showed that the woman is actually a fugitive and that she lied about her amnesia. It has been revealed that she borrowed money from her company for her son's surgery. But she got caught so she ended up lying about it just to see her son before he gets into his surgery. Even so, she told Andy that she'll turn herself in after she sees her son.

Upon discovery, Andy asked Ryan to bend the law for her which apparently became a very tricky decision to make for him. But in the end, he did the right thing of letting Andy's patient say goodbye to her son.

Although this series of events has been the focus of the episode, the ninth episode of Station 19 season 2 also revealed a lot of things that could actually determine the plot of the whole season.

Aside from the woman saying goodbye to her son, Ryan was also torn about making a decision towards his father as he showed up and left him a key to a storage unit. And later on, he found out that his father left him a good sum amount of money.

Additionally, Ryan set a ground rule for his relationship with Andy. He told her that he does not want to make it a serious one. As for Andy, she finds this suitable as her character seems to be very unstable when it comes to relationships.

On another note, Jack is back to work. So, this means that Maya will now transfer to Station 23. But since Sullivan is back, he fought for Maya to stay. Meanwhile, Pruitt is not yet ready to give back the position to Sullivan and fully retire. But there are claims that he'll be preparing Ben for Medic One.

All in all, it seemingly appears that everything is going all okay at Station 19. But, of course, these events are just a foretaste of what is yet to come for everyone.

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