'Paradise PD' Season 2 Netflix Release Date: Series Could Arrive In Late 2019

Paradise PD Season 2 Update: Netflix Release Date Remains Uncertain But Could Arrive Late 2019
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Paradise PD Season 2 is coming. The show is one of the many animated adult series Netflix dropped last year and it arrived on the streaming giant platform on August 31, 2018. Following news about its renewal, fans could not help but speculate about the second season.

The production company behind the animated series has confirmed a second season. The decision was not entirely surprising, though. The progress and loyal fanbase of the series, in one way or another, helped in its renewal. But if there is one thing fans want to know, it is the exact release date of the long-anticipated season.

PD Paradise Season 2 will still be spearheaded by Waco O'Guin and Roger Black, the creators of the show. Marc Provissiero, on the other hand, will be joining them as the executive producer.

The show's plot mainly revolved around a small-town police department. They are not necessarily bad cops. And while they can be wrong in some ways, they are no-nonsense characters. Apparently, this "bad-bad" theme is the main ingredient of the show and its fuel for success.

While the official Twitter page of the show keeps on feeding the fanbase with some interesting stuff, there has yet to be an official release date for PD Paradise Season 2. As already mentioned, Netflix confirmed the upcoming arrival of the second season but did not provide an exact release date. However, it is reportedly slated for a release later this year.

Fortunately for the fans, the stellar voice cast is expected to reprise their roles for the next season. For starters, Dana Snyder will voice Stanley Hopson and Dusty Marlow, while David Herman will give life to Kevin Crawford. In addition, Tom Kenney and Cedric Yarbrough will voice Chief Randall Crawford and Gerald Fitzgerald, respectively. Meanwhile, Sarah Chalke will still be the voice behind Gina Jabowski and Kyle Kinane will be for the dog named Bullet.

PD Paradise Season 2 will follow the life of cops from the creators of Brickleberry, ScreenRant notes. While the latter did not necessarily manage to tip-toe between hilarity and obscenity - something that Family Guy does very well - the show definitely does.

According to the publication, the creators of the show are successful in honing their voice, which Brickleberry lacked in some ways. Even more so, the first season of the series was able to maintain a crude sense of graphic and humor animation style without being off-putting.  

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