'Frozen' 2 Plot Involves Search For Anna & Elsa's Parents; Kristen Bell, Evan Rachel Wood Duet

Frozen 2
Idina Menzel (Elsa) and Kristen Bell (Anna) will return on "Frozen 2," along with Josh Gad (Olaf) and Jonathan Groff (Kristoff). (Photo: DisneyFrozen/Facebook)

The plot for Frozen 2 has been revealed! The Disney sequel will apparently involve Anna and Elsa's journey away from Arendelle and the purpose of their adventure outside of their kingdom is to search for their parents.

According to a podcast on Fine Tunning with Disney insider hosts Jim Hill and Drew Taylor, Anna and Elsa are going to find out what really happened to their parents in Frozen 2. Thus, the teaser, which was released last February showed the sisters in a distant, faraway land that definitely doesn't look like their home.

Frozen 2 will have all of the main stars reprise their voice roles, such as Kristen Bell (as Anna), Idina Menzel (as Elsa), Josh Gad (as Olaf) and Jonathan Groff (as Kristoff). Joining them are new cast members like Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown.

Disney has not divulged the roles of Wood and Brown in the sequel. However, Wood confirmed that she had recorded a song with Bell.

In a podcast interview on the Armchair Expert hosted by Bell's husband, Dax Shepard, Wood confirmed that she's working on a duet with Bell. "Kristen thinks you're a real gangster singer," Shepard told his wife's co-star in the podcast.

Though she didn't specifically say it was for Frozen 2, there is no doubt that the actress was talking about the movie. Fans also believe that they have spotted Wood's character in the teaser, while some suggested she could be Elsa's much-rumored gay love interest.

Frozen 2 may also feature flashbacks to the sisters' parents' childhood, according to IGN. Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez confirmed that they have written songs about how Anna and Elsa recall their mom and dad.

It's also possible that Frozen 2 will explore the origins of Elsa's powers, which could chart the history of their family. However, there have been theories indicating that she might not be the only one with a special ability since the Frozen 2 poster shows an icicle with four distinct diamonds to represent four seasons -- Winter (Elsa), Spring, Summer and Fall.

Do their parents also have powers? How about Anna? Do all members of this royal family have abilities to control the seasons? Most of all, will Frozen 2 reveal that Anna and Elsa's parents are actually alive?

Disney has plotted Frozen 2 for a Nov. 22, 2019 theater release. The first movie came out in 2013 and won the Oscars for Best Animated Film the following year.

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