'Good Bones' Season 4 HGTV Premiere Date Confirmed As Two Chicks & A Hammer Films Last House

Good Bones
"Good Bones" is made up of the mother-daughter team from Two Chicks & A Hammer. (Photo: Facebook/TwoChicksIndy)

HGTV's premiere of Good Bones season 4 is coming. The show featuring Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk, as the renovating team Two Chicks & A Hammer, will finally be back with new episodes.

Two Chicks & Hammer posted a photo on Twitter last March 8 to indicate that the series will return on air in May 2019. The team also confirmed that they have started filming the last house renovation on March 12, which means that there's going to be a shorter wait for the start of Good Bones season 4's run.

The new season is expected to have full-hour 13 episodes like the second and third season. All that's missing now is a confirmation from HGTV.

Good Bones season 4 had a slight gap in filming since Starsiak-Hawk gave birth to her first-born son, Jack. The third season finished its run on HGTV in June 2018, but the renovating team did not start production until September that year.

Starsiak-Hawk, however, confirmed she's back at work for the fourth season by posting a photo of her new baby boy. According to People, the new mom was on her feet and fixing houses again six weeks after she welcomed Jack.

Starsiak-Hawk and her mother, who used to work as a defense lawyer, established Two Chicks & a Hammer in 2007 after flipping houses in their community in Indianapolis. But the mother-daughter team really started their renovation with Starsiak-Hawk's house. She revealed in another interview with People that they had to learn to build as they went so they had plenty of trial and errors.

Their small-time home renovation business took off until they attracted the attention of HGTV seven years later. They did the show's pilot, Two Chicks And A Hammer until HGTV decided to change the name to Good Bones.

What makes Good Bones click with viewers is that it doesn't focus on fake drama unlike other home renovation reality TV programs. It's what Starsiak-Hawk have always asked of the producers but there have been many events that seemed like manufactured plots.

In one episode, Starsiak-Hawk and Laine were working on an abandoned home and they definitely had an eerie vibe while working there. In another episode, a Good Bones production staff. accidentally fell and injured himself and it wasn't forced or made up -- they really had to call an ambulance.

HGTV will likely announce the actual premiere date of Good Bones season 4 this April. Viewers should expect a new teaser by then.

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