Jennifer Aniston Is Reportedly Having Mom-Daughter Relationship With Brad Pitt's Mother

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston
A report over a year ago claims Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt calls Jennifer Aniston "mommy." (Photo: mikit333/Flickr)

Jennifer Aniston has become one of the most favorite subjects of many tabloids recently. Thanks to her fiftieth birthday that had accommodated many of her past relationships, rumors and reports are now on the rise about the actress. And in this week's highlights is her reunion with Brad Pitt's mom, Jane Pitt.

In reference to the Star's claims, Brad Pitt's attendance to Jennifer Aniston's birthday party has become a great start for the former couple. And this did not only reunited the two, but it also allowed Jennifer to reunite with her former mother-in-law, Jane.

The sources of the magazine revealed that Jennifer has been very thankful for her friendship with Brad Pitt. And this is because she can now reconnect with Jane Pitt just like before. Jennifer is now looking for a mother-daughter relationship with her, the supposed source added.

It has also been discovered that the Friends star did not have a good relationship with her mother who died in 2016. So, it only fits that she looked up to Jane Pitt during her marriage with Brad Pitt.

This is a great moment for Jennifer as she was not able to communicate with Jane when Brad Pitt is still married to Angelina Jolie. As it appears, Brad Pitt hindered his mom from remaining in contact with Jen to prevent complications. But since Brad is now friends with his former wife, Jen, and his divorce papers are nearly in its final stages, there is no need for the actress and Jane Pitt to stop communicating with each other.

The magazine further contends that Jane Pitt favors more Jennifer Aniston than Angeline Jolie. She treated her as "one of her daughters," according to the phony source.

While this may seem a pleasant story to learn, these reports are mere fabricated stories made by the magazine, according to Gossip Cop. And as it happens, Gossip Cop was able to talk to an insider who is credible to speak on behalf of Jennifer Aniston.

As per the insider, these recent reports about Jen and Brad Pitt's mom are bogus claims. And they are "not original" either. These things never happened, except, of course, Brad's attendance at Jen's party. But other than that, the ex-couple have remained friends, and that's it.

The insider concluded that while Jennifer and Brad are in friendly contact these days, the Friends actress is not reconnecting with any of Brad's family members. So, this premise is a rumor that no one should believe.

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