'Darling In The Franxx' Season 2 Is Unlikely To Happen Amid Fans Uproar, Critics Suggest

Darling In The Franxx
The second season of "Darling In The Franxx" is not really happening according to sources. And the reasons are quite on point. (Photo: Darling In The Franxx/Facebook)

The first season of Darling In The Franxx became one of the most popular sci-fi anime in 2018. And there is no doubt about that based on the support of the fans of the show. But while these avid viewers are hoping for a sequel, most critics believe that season 2 of the anime show is quite unlikely to happen.

In reference to Anime Date's critic, Darling In The Franxx is a great show. However, the plot and setting of the series are "trivial" and too familiar in the course of anime shows. Aside from familiarity, the characters of the show have no depth, Anime Date explains. The dialogues are even flat and "full of fillers."

Hence, it is only safe to say that a sequel might not happen at all since the development of the first season is too slow.

On another note, Otakukart's perspectives somewhat agree to other critic's opinions about the sequel of the show. But the outlet seems to lay out more viable points as to why the Darling In The Franxx will not be renewed for a second season.

Primarily, the end of season 1 left little to no room for further development in terms of the plot. So, if a sequel is to be promised to the fans, it might show a new plot, story, and character. And if this will happen, it will be out of the natural nature of the anime series.

And secondly, the Never Let Me Go episode of the show ended Code Geass life. Although coming back from the dead is quite popular now in numerous series, this might be a dubious plot to start with if ever Studio Tigger decides to do it for the sequel.

The outlet further contends that Studio Tigger worked arduously on the first season. And it seems that the team has done it by including the start and the end of the storyline. Furthermore, it appears that they already know how long the story will run its course on television, Otakukart concluded.

Based on these points alone, it seemingly appears that Darling In The Franxx has already wrapped up its story and plot. So, it is unlikely for a sequel to follow in the coming years.

Even so, there are still no further announcements made by the studio and the writers of the series. Accordingly, there is still a chance for the show to have its second season. Besides, fans do love it.

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