'Chicago Fire' Season 7 Episode 17 Air Date, Spoilers: New Episode Will Show Several Character Developments

Chicago Fire Season 7
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Chicago Fire fans are still waiting for the return of the show's seventeenth installment for season 7. As it happens, the show is having its month-long break after the release of the sixteenth episode. And with this schedule at hand, it is expected for the next episode to air on March 27, 2019.

The reason behind the show's month-long hiatus is not revealed by the network. And the only thing that is quite sensible as to why Chicago Fire would need it is that NBC has a lot in store for its viewers in totality. But even so, the production team takes this break as a great opportunity to make the upcoming episode a much more interesting installment.

If you've already watched the previous episode of Chicago Fire Season 7 titled, Fault In Him, you will notice that the series of events are not pleasant in the eyes of its viewers. It showed a lot of heartbreaks in all aspects.

Casey was ambushed by a gunman. Sylvie Brett was heartbroken due to the sudden break-up with her partner. Cindy was pretty much lost in her interior design business. And the #StellaRide tandem is in the middle of, well, who-knows-where. But fans know it that their relationship is not entirely highlighted in the previous episode.

With all these struggles and challenges at hand, it is only suitable that each of these characters will have their moments to reflect on their actions and perspectives in life. And this will certainly result in their respective developments.

Accordingly, the upcoming episode of Chicago Fire is believed to feature these character developments, one-by-one. Based on the official synopsis of the show, it is revealed that Casey will be in a "heated argument" with one of the firefighters. And later on, it was shared that this firefighter is Herrmann.

The fight between the two characters is not entirely explained. But in reference to the synopsis, this will happen after they responded to a fire call from an apartment, Cartermatt explained.

Chicago Fire season 7 episode 17 will also show Brett's ways of coping up with her recent break-up. So, similar to Casey, Brett will certainly have her moments that can lead to her character's growth and development.

Cindy is also revealed to focus on her business in the upcoming episode as she works on a project. It is also said that Herrmann's wife hopes for her business to get back on track upon finishing the said project.

So, all in all, there is a lot to see in the upcoming episode of Chicago Fire which makes the fans more eager for the installment's arrival.

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