iPhone Foldable Concept Video Surfaces, Showing Us How It Might Look Like

A member of Huawei staff shows the new Huawei Mate X device during a pre-briefing display ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
A member of Huawei staff shows the new Huawei Mate X device during a pre-briefing display ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 23, 2019. Picture taken February 23, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Sergio Perez)

A new video showing how the foldable iPhone could look like has surfaced, and it's a stunner. Read on for more details.

While other smartphone giants such as Samsung and Huawei have announced or released their foldable smartphones already, Cupertino tech giant Apple hasn't released or even just announced anything of the like at the moment. This, however, hasn't stopped fans from imagining how Apple's foldable would look like.

BGR reports that a foldable iPhone concept video has surfaced online, and it shows a sleek imagining of Apple's future foldable if ever they do want to work on one. The video, coming from a YouTuber named ConceptsiPhone, shows a foldable phone that opens and closes like a book, just like the Galaxy Fold.

ConceptsiPhone's imagining of the foldable iPhone is a slimmer, sleeker device compared to the bulkier Galaxy Fold. Dubbed the "iPhone X Fold," it features super two displays -- one for when the phone is folded, and the other, wider display for when the phone is unfolded.

The smaller display looks similar to the iPhone X: It features thin bezels and a notch on top, likely for the front-facing camera. The larger inner display, on the other hand, is a wider screen that has virtually no bezels at all. There is, however, something that looks like a hole punch on the top right corner, likely for a camera as well.

Outside, the foldable iPhone concept features a three-camera setup at the back. It also has a sleek hinge design that shows the Apple logo when folded and hides it when unfolded. The usual buttons (power, volume rocker) are found on the right side of the phone when folded.

The concept video also showed what the iPhone X Fold is best used for. Of course, it's a smartphone that is used for the usual texting and calling, but because of its wider, folding display, it can be used for more functions.

The video shows the phone is useful for organizing schedules, having a better view of online pages, and even keeping track of important things on a spreadsheet. It also shows imagined pricing for the device, although we don't have any info from Apple yet.

With Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak telling Bloomberg earlier this year that he really wants the tech company to have its own foldable device, and with Apple supplier Corning is reportedly working on a flexible glass for Apple foldable devices, it's quite likely that the world will see an iPhone foldable in the near future.

Will it look like ConceptsiPhone's design? Fans will just have to wait to find out.

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