Kidney Transplant Donor Shares Experience And Inspire Others To Do The Same

Kidney Transplant
Kidney Transplant (Photo: Nizam mamode/ Twitter)

Due to a lot of factors such as poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and polluted environment, people are getting more susceptible to diseases and illnesses as compared before. Experts say this is one of the possible reasons for the increasing number of people who have no choice but to undergo an organ transplant to live.

Given this information, it is inevitable to see the need for more organ donors. Unfortunately, with over 95% of US adults who are supporting organ donation, only 58% of them are brave enough to donate their organs for the needy, Organ Donor reports. Jan Shorrock, one of the staffs of UK charity named Give a Kidney, is one of the few who made a stand to help those who need it the most.

"I heard someone on the radio talking about her experience of donating a kidney and it lit a spark for me," Shorrock shares. "I immediately knew it was something that was worthwhile and that I would do it, at some point, if I was able."

Though a bit worried about how things will turn out at first, she still decided to push through her plan after several types of research. With the outcome of her research, Shorrock eventually becomes "absolutely confident that the potential benefit to the recipient far outweighed the slight risk to me."

In order to know if Shorrock was perfect and healthy enough to be a donor, the young adult underwent several tests. These tests include psychological and physical tests such as heart and kidney checks and several blood exams.  

The brave donor revealed that though painful, the tests were tolerable and not too invasive. It just required her to invest more time since the doctors need to check her mental health and know whether she has understood her decision and well-aware of its risks. The results of the exam revealed one thing, Shorrock was physically and emotionally ready.

Shorrock was admitted on Wednesday, a day before the big day. Though the surgery was painful too, the brave donor managed it well. "Overall I just felt tired. I was home by the Sunday" and by 12 weeks, I am already functioning normally. When asked whether she has any regrets of what she did, she revealed that he never regret anything, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, Shorrock is receiving annual check-ups and is doing well. At the same time, she is also inspiring other people to follow her footsteps. 

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