'The Winds Of Winter' Release Date: Will George R.R. Martin Publish Book Before 2019 Ends?

George R.R. Martin
Avid followers of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series are hopeful that GRRM would publish "The Winds of Winter" soon. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Many fans have been itching to get a copy of The Winds of Winter book. The clamor for the upcoming sixth installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series has intensified following the release of the official Game of Thrones Season 8 teaser. So, the question now is: when would George R.R. Martin release the much-anticipated novel?

George R.R. Martin, previously, teased that The Winds of Winter might arrive in early 2019. However, most recent reports have it that the 70-year-old author is not done writing the next A Song of Ice and Fire installment yet. GRRM even revealed that he still has thousands of pages left to write.

With the insistent demand for the outing of the book, George R.R. Martin assured fans that he is now focusing on completing The Winds of Winter. As a matter of fact, the Nightflyers writer refused to do a cameo appearance on the final scenes of the Game of Thrones series because finishing TWOW is, currently, his top priority.

If this is the case, avid followers of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series predicted that George R.R. Martin could release The Winds of Winter before this year ends. Many fans, previously, assumed that the much-awaited book would be published before the final episodes of Game of Thrones. But, from the looks of it, it is very likely that the HBO series would conclude first before GRRM could, finally, drop the tome.

There are, also, speculations that George R.R. Martin could announce details about The Winds of Winter in the up-and-coming TitanCon 2019, which is set to take place on August 22 to 25, 2019. In February, the convention confirmed that the brain behind the successful Game of Thrones series would be attending the event as its first Guest of Honor. "George was instrumental in TitanCon's creation, so it is only fitting that he returns to Belfast to see our take on EuroCon!" the convention stated in a tweet.

It can be recalled that George R.R. Martin shared some parts of The Winds of Winter novel in some conventions that occurred a few years ago. Hence, it would come as no surprise if the veteran novelist would also unveil some excerpts or chapters of the highly-anticipated novel in the imminent TitanCon 2019 event.

While these predictions are not impossible to happen, it should be noted that George R.R. Martin has not confirmed anything as of yet. Hence, avid followers of the A Song of Ice and Fire should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct. For now, stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about The Winds of Winter book.

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