Bruce Lee Shirts Available In The Market Now

Bruce Lee looking fly on his red Mercedes-Benz 450SL in the 1970s.
Bruce Lee looking fly on his red Mercedes-Benz 450SL in the 1970s. (Photo: Groovy History/ Twitter)

It has already been more than 45 years since the world lost an amazing director, actor, philosopher, and martial art instructor. That was when Bruce Lee died due to acute cerebral edema.

But it seemed as though Lee's fans and followers haven't moved on with what happened to their favorite actor as of yet. Even the world's famous Hong Kong martial superstar Jackie Chan shared through a YouTube video how the late artist has inspired him so much then and even now.  

Lee's fans will surely be very happy with what the newly established shirt brand named Emanate has prepared for them. Recently, the colorful shirt brand released a series of original collection that featured a touch of the late martial arts actor's personality.

Ben Fu, the co-founder of Emanate, reveals that the reason why the brand has been launched was his desire to create an impact in the fashion world after working for several brands for years. He was inspired to give people a new taste of fashion with a twist.

"Emanate is about expressing your emotion, expressing your colour, expressing yourself. When we walk down the street, everybody is either wearing black, grey or white. They have no choice as every brand is like that", Fu explained. With how limited the fashion choices are for people, Fu believes his brand could make people reveal their unique, fun and colorful style even more.

When asked why he decided to incorporate his love for Bruce Lee to his collection, he answered, most people never had the confidence to be bold of what they wear. "This is where Bruce Lee comes in," the designer explained.

"Bruce Lee represents confidence and power - triumph," Fu further shared. Every piece of his collection is a great reminder for people to be brave to try different new things.

To make this project extra special and more artistic, Fu invited other Hong Kong artists such as Raphael Ma to work on the designs and layout of the prints. He even personally asked the Hong Kong Bruce Lee Club for ideas to produce such amazing Bruce Lee shirts.

One of the things that makes the masterpieces of Emanate standout amid its other competitors is its design, which is inspired mostly of Hong Kong elements. Furthermore, the company is also more diligent in providing quality to its customers instead of quantity, South China Morning Post.

Fu's plan for his company is to work with different artists too. He claims that as of the moment, their only focus is the Hong Kong market. But hopefully, their team will also dominate the Asian, Australian, and Chinese market.

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