Undated handout photo of Tesla Inc's Model Y electric sports utility vehicle
Tesla Inc's Model Y electric sports utility vehicle is pictured in this undated handout photo released on March 14, 2019. (Photo: Tesla Motors/Handout via Reuters)

As Tesla unveiled its Model Y, competitors are coming in. Recently, Fisker's electric SUV was revealed. Thus, it said to be much cheaper compared to Elon Musk's company released.

The electric SUV coming from Fisker is said to be cheaper. It will cost less than $40,00 compared to Tesla's Model Y. Also, the competitor offers a better range compared to the latest Model coming from Tesla.

Via social media, Henrik Fisker has revealed the first image of its company's new affordable electric SUV. Though the teaser is not yet that clear details regarding the latest EV was also given. This happened just a few days after the world debut of the Tesla Model Y.

As fans expected, the Fisker's new model is seen to be a compact electric SUV that is pretty much the rival of the Model Y. However, the company's first electric SUV still does not have a name, Fisker said that the standard model comes in an 80kWh battery. It can deliver around 300 miles of range when the EV is fully charged.

With regards to the performance of the EV, no details have been released yet. But two electric motor will provide an all-wheel drive. It also has a motor on each axle, according to Motor Authority.

Just like Model Y, the base version of Fisker's SUV will cost less than $40,000. As for the latest model of Tesla, the Standard Range can only deliver between 220 and 230 miles of range. The Long Range, on the other hand, can increase the range up to a whopping 300 miles with a starting price of $42,700.

Fisker mentioned that the unnamed electric SUV will feature a "captivating design touches that have been traditionally reserved for supercars in the past." The photo that has been first released confirms that it will have a large front-mounted radar instead of the traditional grille. It also has a large front air intake, flared wheel arches, and a futuristic headlight.

Furthermore, other notable design features contain a Targa-style removable roof that "with the touch of a button, an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV." For the interior, it will offer a class-leading space and feature a large head-up display and an intelligent user interface.

Meanwhile, the production will take its place in the US. The location, however, has not yet been confirmed. The prototype testing of Fiskers electric SUV is said to begin by the end of this year before the production model goes on sale in the second half of 20121, according to CarBuzz.