Samsung Galaxy Fold, A Sneak Peek At The Rumored Crease Issue [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Unpacked event in San Francisco
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed again as Samsung continues to fix the many issues that were found recently on its soft launch. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched last April but Samsung postponed it amidst the breaking scandal and bad reviews it receives. A relaunch in July was rumored, but today, Samsung confirmed that this is not true. No definite date was given as of today. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Nellis)

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Fold crease issue could be true and Samsung is allegedly in the process of fixing the problem.

A recently released video could be the proof that the alleged Samsung Galaxy Fold crease issue is true and the rumors that the Korean tech giant knows about it and is extending efforts to have the issues fixed is based on facts. The video which was published on March 18, clearly showed a foldable screen smartphone, allegedly the Samsung Galaxy Fold having crease mark positioned vertically across the screen, signs that the crease was produced by repeated folding.

The video published by the YouTube channel "phoneoftime" played for two minutes and 13 seconds. The alleged Samsung Galaxy Fold on the video is shown handled by a user operating the phone's usual functions with the vertical crease undeniably present. The user later folded the phone showing how it functions folded and later opened it back before the video ended.

Description below the YouTube video stated that the featured phone is actually an F900U model of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The publisher further described that the phone is a locked-model from AT&T and is expected to require for an unlock code when used with a sim card from another network carrier.

The video featuring the alleged Samsung Galaxy Fold crease issue has now been viewed almost 830,000 times and gained the attention of a lot of people with almost 300 comments as of the moment. Various reactions were revealed and not a few expressed their disappointment seeing a huge crease running down the middle of the screen with one comment stating that the Korean tech giant manufactured a $2,000 joke.

Previous reports, on the other hand, stated that Samsung is aware of the creasing issue on the Samsung Galaxy Fold that is expected to appear after 10,000 folds. This is primarily because Samsung used their new "Infinity Flex" wherein they are using plastic materials on the screen instead of glass to make the device screen foldable. However, plastic is expected to have a crease with repeated folding and unfolding.

Samsung is currently in the process of executing a solution to the matter reports say. They are offering Samsung Galaxy Fold holders with a free display replacement program should they experience the crease across their foldable phones.

Rumors began spreading that the crease issue on the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the reason why the device was not open for a hands-on test during its launch. Samsung later clarified that they just wanted the audience to focus on the Samsung Galaxy S10 release during the event.

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