Brexit Update: PM Theresa May’s ‘I Am On Your Side’ Pitch Could Result To More Opposition

PM Theresa May
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement about Brexit in Downing Street in London, Britain March 20, 2019. (Photo: Jonathan Brady/Pool via REUTERS)

Ahead of her Thursday meeting with European Union (EU) officials, Prime Minister Theresa May sided with the British public, who, she said, were "tired of the infighting and political games." A political analyst said this could pose a risk to her goal of getting Parliament on her side.

In her speech ahead of the Thursday Brussels meeting, May addressed the public, saying, "You want this stage of the Brexit process to be over and done with. I agree. I am on your side." She reiterated that Parliament has done nothing but "avoid" making a clear decision on the nearing British exit.

BBC News political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, pointed out that May's decision to "pitch herself against Parliament" on Wednesday night could come with certain risks. The British Prime Minister has been trying to get her government to approve her Brexit deal but it has been rejected twice by a historical margin.

Kuenssberg noted that May is not alone in the decision-making table. Parliament has to convince before the EU finally lets go of the United Kingdom. Some opposing MPs have already dubbed May as "delusional" of the true crisis that Brexit has been caught in. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said May was "in complete denial."

MPs who support the Prime Minister clarified that May felt it was time to draw the line as MPs continue to reject her deal. May reportedly wants to make it clear that she will not allow Britain to stay in the EU for another year, two years after the Brexit referendum was agreed upon.

Former The Independent political editor, Jane Merrick, said in her entry for CNN that May's choice of blaming MPs for the Brexit delay could mean less support for a potential third vote next week. Labour MP Lisa Nandy said May further ignited the Brexit fire, calling her pitch "dangerous and reckless."

Nandy further stressed that May has "absolutely no chance" of winning Parliament's support should a third voting session be approved. She made it clear that she will not support the Prime Minister's approach to getting both Parliament and the people on her side.

Tory MP Anna Soubry echoed Nandy's statements. She said May's Wednesday speech was dishonest and "divisive." Other government members said May was irresponsible and if lawmakers suffered harm in any way, the contested Prime Minister will have to take her share of the blame.

The U.K. is set to depart from the EU next Friday unless MPs finally sign off May's Brexit deal. If it gets rejected for the third time, the country may have to face a no deal Brexit scenario that many MPs and economists dread.

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