A list of possible torrent sites shut down reasons and alternative sites.
A list of possible torrent sites shut down reasons and alternative sites. (Photo: Pixabay/jamesmarkosborne)

Torrent sites' fame rapidly increased in just a few years gaining the majority of the most number of visits across the web yet recently decreased quickly due to the shutting down of some of them. Here are some of the main reasons behind the shutdown and the best alternatives for 1337x torrent sites shut down.

There are a few reasons why users find their favorite torrenting sites such as 1337x or the Pirate Bay down. One main reason why torrenting sites are down at times is the ban imposed by establishments such as schools, authorities and government agencies.

One reported reason for a private torrent site shut down was in Brazil when Brazilian authorities ordered the closure of a private torrent site due for operation copyright violations. The action comes two years after an investigation held on a US-hosted torrent site due to a complaint from a local anti-piracy group APDIF (Association for the Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Phonographic Industry) alleging that BitTorrent is being used as a platform for sharing pirated content.

However, there are some torrents sites that are not closing due to ban orders and are inaccessible due to their official retirement. These sites do not just leave users hanging in the air and are extending efforts to transfer their database to new torrent sites. If the case is the former, then it helps to know some alternatives on how to access torrent sites which are down.

One proven torrent site that stands the test of downtimes is the Kickass Torrent. It is a reliable alternative when the torrent site 1377x is down. There might be some minimal ads and the appearance may not be as attractive as other sites, but the assurance of reliability and performance is something that Kickass Torrent can boast about.

When it comes to popularity, Zoogle is one name that comes to mind as an alternative for down torrent sites. Supporting more than 2,000 trackers, Zoogle has four million verified torrents as of the moment. Just like TPB, Zoogle also comes with ads and pictures but won't get in the way of smooth browsing and the reliability stood the test of time.

Aside from the top two torrent sites mentioned, users may also consider LimeTorrents that ensures users do not end up getting malware by hosting only verified torrent files. They may also check out torrent site alternatives such as Legit Torrents, and Torrentz2.