Tech Companies Ready to Step In to Improve Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions have become obsolete and technology is the way to the future of the industry, according to Curbed. Algorithm-based, blockchain-powered platforms have started to sprung up. These platforms have also become more integral in the real estate property market after they've been used by investors and house hunters alike to survey and buy property.

The blockchain-based platform has emerged because of the need to make real estate services efficient and up-to-date as well. These platforms signal the end of the cumbersome processes that make buying and selling a home so complicated. Blockchain companies have become the go-to for people and agents who are looking for a solution to this age-long problem in real estate.

According to Mike DelPrete, tech consultant for real estate, people have been looking for this solution and industry leaders such as Opendoor are stepping up. He said it's all a matter of answering the call for an easier way of doing things. Opendoor and others like it, according to him, are just finding ways to make real estate a simpler task for everyone.

With technology, however, comes great responsibility, and the case for human inclusion in the real estate buying/selling process is still strong. Even companies like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix, who are part of an 'old guard', are making waves in tech but not because they are totally automated--it's because tech is a part of their processes, which are still maintained by humans.

Inman reported that today's consumer has a lot of demands--accuracy, transparency, and reliability are only some of them--that it's easy to try and forget human inclusion. However, the rigid efficiency of a computer may not have the warmth of human interaction, and that is still a critical component of what is called a 'customer success', if only for the time being.

Humans, according to the analysis, shouldn't be relegated to mere operational processes or intervention, but should stay on top of the tech pyramid. The human process should be included in the most important part of the transactions in whatever degree--whether they're directly involved or indirectly responsible, the human element must always be there.

With the human inclusion remaining important in a world about to be dominated by real estate automation, real estate should undergo a true and lasting evolution, with the customers' satisfaction truly the target.

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