George Clooney, Amal Clooney Divorce Rumors: Are They Heading For $520 Billion Split?

[Rumor] Power Couple Amal and George Clooney Heading For $520 Billion Split
George Clooney and his wife of four years, Amal, are rumored to be heading toward a nasty $520 billion split. (Photo: Amal Clooney/Facebook)

George Clooney and his wife of four years, Amal, are rumored to be heading toward a nasty $520 billion split. However, reputed rumor cop, Gossip Cop, has busted the perpetrators of this lie, assuring fans of the couple that this report is a complete lie.

It is not the first time that stories of divorce or separation between the golden couple have come up. Now and again, outlets seeking sensationalism and readership have belied that the Clooney's have called it quits. Recently, two purely fictional accounts contend that the couple's relationship is on the rocks and rearing toward sure ruin.

In these latest fabrications, George and Amal are said to be heading for a nasty and very expensive divorce. The outlet has even resorted to quoting a non-existent informer who purportedly shared that the human rights lawyer has left their England home, toting the twins, Ella and Alexander, who they share as parents. They, Amal and the children, are said to have sought refuge at the new estate the couple had only recently purchased in Sardinia.

This made-up story has even gone as far as to say that George has vehemently demanded Amal to return to their home, reportedly sending her voluminous text messages to permit him to "see the twins."

The published account also claimed the inside source described George as "beside himself" and that friends have shared the actor has tried pleading with Amal "to come home," to no avail.

The Sardinia property was said to have been acquired with the intention of being enjoyed by their family, together, but it seems that Amal has other ideas regarding that. After their "explosive" argument, she purportedly has no intention of letting that happen, having supposedly told her husband that, in the event of his setting foot there, he would have to take lodgings at "the guest house."

And as if that pure concoction was not enough, the discredited outlet has claimed the couple's marriage is "irrevocably broken," with the so-called inside source quoted as having said the situation is "shaky at best."

The aforementioned source is said to have claimed that "it won't be long" before the couple's relationship will "crash and burn."

Two things are pointed to as being the alleged reasons for this situation.

First is the professed reversion of the actor to his "partying" behavior, wherein he has been going on these belied road trips "with the guys." The story though does not go on to say when these things happened or even where the 57-year-old father has been gallivanting. The point being made was that, he was absent from his home, failing to fulfill his role as a father and as a husband. This is why Amal supposedly bailed out to Sardinia.

The second point which was argued to have been contributory to this explosive and fictional situation between the filmmaker and the Lebanese-British barrister is the difference between their personalities.

The Oceans Eleven actor was described as a "Hollywood bachelor at heart" and the 40-year-old beauty "a strait-laced lawyer," in an effort to point to their said incompatibility.

That is not the first report on the couple's said incompatibility. From last year, a publication went as far as to forecast that this thing would happen because the two just are suitable, based on their zodiac signs. Amal, whose sign is Aquarius is cut out to be purportedly "too independent" for George's Taurus.

All these are mere suppositions and lies, as Gossip Cop points out, the Clooneys have not even purchased a home in Sardinia. The actor's representative revealed that this is not true at all and it is "completely made up."

Regarding George taking those trips away from his family, the debunker has found those statements are purely "rehashed" from an earlier but similarly discredited story.

Gossip Cop contends that, if the story were true that the couple is on the edge of a huge break-up, they could not have been seen Tuesday evening mingling and chatting with Prince Charles and other illustrious guests at the Buckingham Palace at a Trust Dinner, or later in the week in Scotland where it was documented the two were seen, hands clasped together and the picture of bliss.

Amal has spoken tenderly in public of her loving relationship with her husband in June of last year at the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring his contribution to Hollywood, describing him as "the great love" she had always "hoped existed." And apparently, that has not changed, despite all claims made otherwise.

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