Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt's Estranged Wife Rumored To Be Adopting Another Child

Angelina Jolie Rumored Yet Again To Be Adopting Another Child
Three-time Golden Globe awardee actress Angelina Jolie is said to be expanding her brood of six children with another adoption..
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Three-time Golden Globe awardee, actress Angelina Jolie is said to be expanding her brood of six children with another adoption. If tabloids were to be believed for every time these have belied another adoption by the 43-year-old celebrity mother over the years, Jolie would now have had a total of 11 children.

Noted debunker of false celebrity reports, Gossip Cop, once again busts a story touching on Jolie adopting a child from Syria, without Brad Pitt even knowing about it.

The fictitious account of Jolie intending to adopt a boy from Syria came out last year in November, claiming that the California native has even shared the news with her children while not revealing it to Pitt. It is thought that the outlet had just been building on the story of Jolie having gone to Syria in the early part of 2018 and intended to arouse interest by purporting Jolie's intention.

The humanitarian had really been there for a visit to a Syrian refugee camp and had no plans whatsoever of adopting another child. This was confirmed to the bogus report buster by someone close to philanthropist.   

Over the years, the Academy Award winner has been a subject of such outright untruths regarding her making yet another addition to her gaggle of children. As proof, a different tabloid had published not just that Hollywood's highest paid actress was adopting another child, but was also gaining a new husband, purported to be some rich philanthropist from Britain.

In this March report, Jolie and her supposed new husband were purportedly looking for a young boy around the age of 8 or 10 years, Ethiopian of descent, who could "hold his own," the report pointed out, with the other children.

It was easy for Gossip Cop to see through the bogus reporting as the Maleficent starrer had not even married anyone, much less a British philanthropist. It followed then that no such thing as adopting an Ethiopian boy was going to happen either.

The claim was clarified by a reliable source who went on to point out that the Lara Croft Tomb Raider actress was not into dating at the time but was devoted to her work as well as her children. A new child, then, and a husband to boot were pure fiction.

While debunkers of these false reports may have grown tired of hearing all those wild assertions of Jolie adopting more children, perpetrators of these lies have not. Another earlier instance of a story along the same line was made by yet another publication. On a mere sighting and no evidence of truth, this outlet claimed Jolie had adopted more children, after having sighted the actress in Disneyland with several of them.

Those children were in fact friends of Jolie's daughter, Shiloh, who were from Cambodia including some young actors from a movie in which Jolie starred, First They Killed My Father. They had only been invited there to celebrate Shiloh turning 11 that day and not because they were being adopted.

Early last year, another fixated tabloid printed a story of Jolie and a so-called boyfriend of hers telling an untruthful account of the two wanting to adopt a baby. Respectable celebrity news outlets pointed out that this claim was false, both the boyfriend and the child.

Then in July of 2016, still yet another outlet claimed by way of another anonymous source that Jolie, together with her then-husband Pitt, was going to adopt an older child of 10 years or more from Africa. The selection of an older child was said to be purposeful, with the intention of helping to bring attention to older orphans who often get missed in the adoption process.

Pitt's representative was the one who denied the report was true.

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