'Gold Rush' Season 10 Renewal: Rick Ness And Freddy Dodge Reunite

Gold Rush Season 10 Renewal
"Gold Rush" stars, Rick Ness and Freddy Dodge, are spotted in Canada. But there are no confirmations yet if there will be a new season. (Photo: GoldRush/Facebook)

The ninth season of Gold Rush is still ongoing on Discovery. The twenty-third episode of the current season will air on March 29. And it is possible that it will be the last episode of the installment. Accordingly, fans of the famous reality TV show are now asking if there will be a new season for Gold Rush.

As it appears, there are no news or updates about the renewal (and even cancellation) of the show. And it's likely because it is still airing on the network. But even so, the imminent end of season 9 is approaching. Hence, it just fits for the viewers to think if there will be a new series.

While there is a scarcity of information about the supposed tenth season of Gold Rush, new mining boss Rick Ness gave away a major hint earlier this month.

On Twitter, the reality TV star tweeted that he and Freddy Dodge are currently in Canada. And he even started the tweet by including the phrase "cats out of the bag." Rick also mentioned that they are "swinging some deals" for the year to come. Although this tweet is kind of vague for some, others, however, take this as a hint that there will be a new season for Gold Rush.

But other than this, no further revelation was made. Nevertheless, fans are already hyped with the recent update given by Rick Ness. And many think that their partnership makes total sense if in case that it will truly happen in the upcoming season of Gold Rush.

By and large, Rick Ness is not entirely a very experienced gold miner. But he has the leadership skill and knowledge to manage people. As for Freddy Dodge, he, on the other hand, is an experienced gold miner. And the reality show has exposed his skills, tricks, and techniques already. Consequently, if the two stars enter into a partnership, then this will be an effective development for both parties.

On another note, it is also essential to remember that Rick Ness aspires to run for 2020 presidential election. And the star is pretty serious about it. So, there are other conclusions as well that his get-together with Freddy in Canada might have something to do with his political movements.

Even so, Gold Rush fans are still hopeful for this partnership to bloom. And for Discovery to renew the show for another season.

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