'Boruto' Chapter 33 Release Date, Spoilers: Naruto Takes Revenge, Finally Defeats Delta

Boruto Chapter 33 and The End of Delta
Naruto will finally defeat Delta in "Boruto" Chapter 33. And this chapter is also the end of "Kawaki Arc." (Photo: boruto.sns/Facebook)

The upcoming chapter of Boruto this week is quite exciting as it will reveal how Naruto finally fulfilled his vendetta over and ultimately defeated Delta.

If you've read the previous chapter that carries the title, A Sense of Duty, you would know that this is a great development in the plot. It offers the manga fans a bit of suspense and surprise as Naruto's plans on playing Delta backfired. And this cost Himawari being targeted which consequently ended with Kawaki saving the day.

While this chapter is seen as one of the greatest events in Boruto, it is also a kind of a "downer" chapter to Naruto's part as he ended up even angrier about the situation with Delta.

The new chapter though, Breaking The Limit, is on another level as explained by The Anime Scrolls. Not only because Delta is now defeated, but this chapter portrayed how powerful Naruto is. And if being compared to Delta, a Hokage's power is truly god-like.

Although Boruto Chapter 33 is set to be released on March 25, there are already a few leaks and spoilers that circulated all over the web. And in these materials, it is already revealed how the battle between Naruto and Delta went down.

As every Boruto fan knows it, Delta is more of a machine than a person. And because of this, Naruto initially focused on using taijutsu alone to overheat Delta.

During the close combat between the two, Delta consequently launched one of her light rays towards Naruto. But he was able to quash the rays through his powerful Rasengan.

And since he was able to nullify her powers, he then tried to launch a big ball of Rasengan, one after the other, going to Delta's direction. However, Delta was able to absorb these hits through her modified eye.

But even so, this did not stop Naruto to continuously attack Delta with more of his Rasengan. And later on, he moved on to using his super big ball Rasengan spiraling sphere. Delta will try to absorb once more this powerful sphere, but little did she know that this will already be the end of her and ultimately defeating her.

Meanwhile, Kawaki witnessed all of these things which enabled Naruto to earn more respect from him at the end of the chapter.

So, this is the gist of what will happen in Boruto Chapter 33. It is also worth mentioning that this chapter is the last one in the Kawaki Arc.

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