'Sacred Games' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers: Series Returns With More Revelations, Netflix Revealed

Sacred Games Season 2
Netflix India revealed that "Sacred Games" Season 2 is arriving soon. (Photo: SacredGames/Facebook)

The first Netflix Indian original series, Sacred Games, is returning on the streaming platform, possibly, this year. And with the overwhelming ratings that the series received from its international audience, it only makes sense why Netflix is releasing the next part of the story.

Sacred Games is an adaptation to Vikram Chandra's 1000-page epic novel of the same title. The upcoming season covers the second quarter of the book as the first season covered the previous quarter. And with these things at hand, it is quite safe to assume that the fans will get to watch the series up to its fourth installment. But, this is only if Netflix decides to continue the show and the pattern of the plot.

Even so, there is a huge chance that the streaming giant will continue the show after the second installment. India is becoming the biggest and fastest investment in terms of content that Netflix currently offers, Erik Barmack, Netflix's Vice President of International Originals shared with Express. Moreover, this is the reason why Netflix is covering several Indian series in recent months.

As for Sacred Games, little has been shared about the second installment. Although there is already a 10-second teaser that has been shared on Twitter by Netflix India, this only raised a lot of questions. Nevertheless, it still increased the hype to the fans and the audience of the series.

The filming of the new installment started in the later months of 2018. So, there is a huge chance that it will arrive on Netflix by mid-2019. It is also worth noting that Netflix India revealed that they would be releasing the official premiere date by the first week of April.

While the tweet is quite cryptic and it is Indian language, the fans were still adamant about getting to the bottom of it. So, with a few more days left, Sacred Games will be releasing the official details of the second season.

In terms of the plot, there is not much information about the sequel. But if you've read the book, then you will certainly have an idea on how the second season will push through. And for those who have not, the first season of Sacred Games ended on the tipped "25th day."

While everyone is hoping to unveil all the secrets on that very day, it only opened new questions, plots, and storylines. Accordingly, it is very plausible that Season 2 will start with the days after the tipped 25th.

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