China Development Forum in Beijing
Apple CEO Tim Cook attends the China Development Forum in Beijing, China March 23, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

With just a few hours left before Apple's March big event, here are some revelations disclosed by the tech giant about the Apple News and Apple TV bundles.

The video offering from the tech giant has been previously rumored to be given for free as long as the subscriber is an Apple device owner. The recent report then proves the said rumors to be untrue and revealed that Apple's soon to be released services for movies and TV shows will be subscription based.

The so-called "Netflix Killer" has been making a lot of noise over the internet for the past weeks and with just a few hours left before Apple officially launches their video offerings, a report revealed that the users' subscription fee will mainly vary depending on the baseline which remains undisclosed as of this writing. However, one thing that remains as a fact is that an add-on will regularly be at $9.99.

The Apple video offering can be accessed through the Apple TV app and is said to feature some originals. A rumor recently surfaced that the tech giant will feature more exciting features than what has been previously reported. The subscription-based service for movies and TV shows makes it easier for users to do Starz and Showtime subscription.

One possibility that followers are looking at is the well-loved HBO invasion on the Apple video offering. If the speculation is proven true, that would cost the subscribers a minimum of $9.99 add on charge. The revealed add on charge, however, leads to another question whether the $9.99 will be the total payable per month for the Apple subscription-based service or will be the per network charge. If the mentioned amount will be individually for each network alone, then they will be charged $9.99 for every network they subscribe.

Apple is also expected to release its new improved news app called the Apple News. The app gives the users and access to various magazines, Glamour, Bon Appétit, and People to name a few. Access to newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal can also be provided. Apple is predicted to charge their Apple News subscribers per month with the same add-on rate they will give to their Apple TV and movie subscription-based service of $9.99.

Apple's media event is happening today Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. The Steve Jobs theater will be filled with personalities waiting for the Cupertino tech giant's unveiling of their services and more.