Prince Charles And Princess Camilla Spotted In A Beach Holiday Amidst Divorce Rumors

Prince Charles and Princess Camilla
Politics: Here are some of the things Prince Charles and his wife Princess Camilla will be doing in Nigeria (Photo: Felix Josephat/Flickr)

London's Royal Family was not able to avoid the unexpected controversies that came to their household. People thought that being royalty is a perfect thing on earth and that their stricter rules and protocols have molded them to follow it by heart, avoiding all temptations and scandals.

But, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a sensationalized marital problem, people were able to relate with them and surprisingly sympathized with them. Although some cannot accept the fact that their fairy tales do end with a divorce, the Royal Family and all its authorities have tried their best to do what is best for their privacy and to preserve the dignity of each personality involved.

But in recent news, Queen Elizabeth herself is the one who is making the call, and allegedly orders Prince Charles to divorce Princess Camilla. The obviously malicious and unroyal report claims that Queen Elizabeth wants the Duchess of Cornwall out of the palace and Prince Charles is on the verge of breaking his head of all the chaos.

But, allegedly, Princess Camilla is not leaving without a fight as she wants the divorce proceedings to be known to the public, and that she will "spill her guts and bare all his dirty secrets" not to mention the $213 million of the divorce settlement. On the other hand, Prince Charles allegedly has been trying his best to keep all the drama behind the doors of Buckingham Palace to prevent "more shocking scandal and embarrassment" which could lead to the downfall of the monarchy.

Even though this tabloid news would go on forever, there are more certain and factual things going on between Prince Charles and Princess Camilla and that is their recent summer splurge at the beach. Clad in a blue one-piece bathing suit, the Duchess of Cornwall and her husband strolled barefoot along the beach together before taking a dip in the ocean.

There was no indication of tension between the couple while some news claims that their current relationship is "under pressure" because of Lady Davina Windsor's impending divorce. It was sad news for Prince Charles to know that even Lady Davina Windsor's 14 years of marriage did not survive and held on like what he and Princess Camilla has been doing, to take the time out and enjoy each other's company.

With an impending role to the British Throne, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla deserve a break before they assume the title of King and Queen. It was reported that Queen Elizabeth will be giving the crown to Prince Charles while Princess Camilla who was given the title of Princess Consort, will finally have the title of Princess of Wales, before being the Queen. It was thought to be a sign of respect to Prince Charles' first wife, the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, but things have changed for Princess Camilla who got her title of Duchess of Cornwall after the couple's civil ceremony.

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