Seungri Denies Allegations But Apologizes Over Wrong Business Decisions

Seungri has already answered all the accusations againsts him in an interview by "Chosun Ilbo" (Photo: seungriseyo/Instagram)

K-pop fans worldwide were shocked with the recent scandal involving A-list K-pop band members as they face case accusations of prostitution, sexual assault, police cover-ups involved by the management of a club known as Burning Sun. This club situated in the Gangnam area allegedly caters other services like drug distribution, date rape, tax issues and almost a hundred of hidden cameras, all focused on the illicit activities happening inside.

Popular K-pop names such as singer Jung Joon-young, FTISLAND's Choi Jonghoon, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun and Highlight's Yong Junhyung and Lee Seung-hyun, known widely as Seungri,  who was the youngest member of one of K-pop's most influential boy bands, BIGBANG. Their careers in the music industry immediately vanished as they one by one retired from the industry that made them famous, however, because of the scandals attached to them, they were forced to face the consequences.

The conversations and evidence all started from a leaked KakaoTalk convo of the famous personalities involved. Unexpected things happened that from a single leak of conversations have chained numerous scandals which turned all the investigations to Seungri, the publicity director of Burning Sun. But looking back three years ago, from a case wherein Jung  Joon-young was involved, this event today has already been a norm way back; however, some authorities have been allegedly covering up the celebrities.

On January 28, 2019, a certain Mr. Kim was attacked at Burning Sun and after a day was accused of assaulting some women at the club. From then on Seoul Metropolitan Police Department has started an investigation on what really transpired on that fateful night and as a result, the management of Burning Sun reportedly relieved the club's director who allegedly hurt Mr. Kim.

But the problem did not stop there as more evidence from a KakaoTalk chat indicted Seungri, wherein he was allegedly fixing a prostitute for an investor. And even though Seungri has already denied some of the allegations towards him in a special interview on Chosun Ilbo, he has somehow admitted that he had some wrong decisions in business which has resulted to his image being dragged down.

 Furthermore, Seungri firmly stood by his statements that he is only a figure representing Burning Sun and sometimes he would be asked to DJ. Therefore, he does not know what the management has been doing behind the curtain. On the evidence of his conversations in KakaoTalk, Seungri accused it as fabricated, with no timestamps and no context.

However, as much as Seungri would defend himself, because of the grave illegal activities involved in his case, it will be a major media sensation as some of the personalities have already been arrested and sentenced to prison.

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