'The Resident' Season 2 Episode 18 Spoilers: How Did Julian Survive The Car Crash?

‘The Resident’ Season 2 Episode 18
"The Resident" season 2 episode 18 revealed how Julian survived the accident and how she escaped the crash. (Photo: The Resident/Facebook)

The Resident season 2 episode 18 revealed Julian survived the car crash. But, one of the most important questions is how did she survive in the accident? That question has been answered on the recently aired episode.

Viewers have been wondering about the fate of Julian Booth since November, as her plans on exposing QuoVadis' fraud led to an unfortunate event. She was caught in a car accident, and her vehicle landed at the bottom of the river. Her car was recovered, but she wasn't in it, and no one knows what happened to her. But, The Resident season 2 episode 18 - aired on Monday, March 25 - revealed she survived the accident and how she escaped the crash. She made it out alive, and she hasn't had any scratch on her. 

At the start of the episode, Julian surprisingly appeared at Chastain Park's latest morbidity and mortality conference, Devon was shocked seeing her standing at the podium and talking about her regrets working with QuoVadis. Later on, Julian revealed to Devon that she escaped the car after hitting the river and was able to swim for her safety. She kept herself low-key because she's afraid Gordon might retaliate against her, and possibly Devon, again.

The only person who knew Julian survived the crash is Marshall Winthrop, he agreed not to tell anyone her whereabouts. Now that she is back in public, Marshall asked Julian if they could work together to bring back the QuoVadis on the legal and right track. But, she declined the offer and decided to start her own nonprofit to make sure medical-device companies - such as QuoVadis - are accountable for their work. Marshall, on the other hand, was intrigued by the idea but still chose to help her.

Meanwhile, Devon was ready to reconnect with Julian when she returns to Atlanta, the two slept together and confessed their feelings for each other. But things get serious when they talk about what the future could hold. Julian realized she needs to be fully committed with her new venture, meaning she had to travel the world and constantly work - so she won't be in Atlanta for a while. Devon understands her plans, and they decided to set aside their relationship until the right time comes.

In another report from TVLine, Fox confirmed The Resident had been renewed for the third season. Fox Entertainment entertainment president Michael Thorn said in a statement that there are more stories to tell in the series. The Resident has a steady pulse when it comes to rating, ranking no. 4 among all Fox dramas.

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