What Harley Davidson’s Livewire Launch Preparations Are Dealers Doing

The Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle, developed in collaboration with Panasonic Automotive, is displayed at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas
The Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle, developed in collaboration with Panasonic Automotive, is displayed during a Panasonic news conference at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. January 7, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

Harley Davidson's Livewire will finally be out in the market soon and as the waiting gets more intense, dealers are doubling their effort in making their stations Livewire ready.

Harley Davidson's Livewire launch may still be a few months from now but not only HD loyal users are getting ready for its launch. Dealers are making all the necessary preparations for the Livewire invasion as well.

One main preparation that dealers are doing as of the moment to make way for the launch of the Harley Davidson's Livewire is their locations' physical structure. One requirement to be certified as a Livewire dealer is the installation of HD dedicated charging stations.

The HD dedicated charging stations must meet the Harley Davidson standard for the Livewire. The dedicated stations must be capable of producing a Level 3 DC fast charger.

Another aspect of preparation that dealers are working out in preparation for the Harley Davidson's Livewire launch is the equipping of the manpower. HD wants to make sure that dealers will have one dedicated person to handle the Livewire concern in every certified dealer locations.

As of the moment, HD is conducting a series of training for the dedicated staffs to be deployed to every station. The training is said to skip the basics in handling vehicles as most of the sent staffs are employees with a background in handling vehicles. The training is expected to center around Livewire high voltage systems and electronic functions.

Harley Davidson received a positive response from their aspiring dealers who desire to be certified in distributing the Livewire. One among the list of dealers who gave a prompt retort is the Harley Davidson Boston, one of HD's largest dealership.

Sheryl Robertson, Riding Academy Manager at Boston Harley-Davidson stated that they had just installed their compliance for the Harley Davidson physical requirement in order to obtain the certification. She further added that the equipment is brand new.

Robertson was referring to what Harley Davidson Boston prepared; the dedicated spot for electric vehicles such as the Livewire right in front of their large dealership space. A Level 3 DC fast charging station, the most important requirement for certification can be found on the heart of the said dedicated spot.

The dedicated charging station is also a preparation for the dealers as HD desires to stock one Livewire electric motorcycle for each of the US states. Livewire will be officially out in August and will signal the beginning of Harley Davidson's series of electronic vehicle launch. The company is working on four more electric concepts which will be out in the market soon.

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