Shanghai Is The World's First Locality With 5G Coverage As It Launches Trial Run

(Photo: REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer)

Shanghai, China revealed that it launched a trial run for the 5G cellular network on Saturday. Initially, it will only cover the main city and with the anticipated successful testing results, the coverage will eventually expand until all the cities are covered.

The launch made Shanghai as the world's first region to have the 5G network and this also solidified China's standing in the global 5G race with the quickest rollout compared to the other countries that are also set to launch the latest technology in the cellular industry.

China Daily reported that the 5G trial in Shanghai is supported by the nation's leading telecommunication carrier which is China Mobile Limited. It was stated that 228 5G base stations were installed around Hongkou district to make sure that there will be full coverage in the area. 

Moreover, the launch of the 5G test run was led by Shanghai's Vice Mayor Wu Qing. He was also the first person to make the 5G video call with superior quality and high definition connection. The China Global Television Network further reported that the vice mayor made the call using the Huawei Mate X, the world's first foldable, AI 5G smartphone.

"All the progress China has made in 5G development in recent months has been like adding pieces to the puzzle of China's fully functioning national 5G network," veteran analyst, Xiang Ligang, told the Global Times. "Shanghai's new progress indicates China's developed regions are expected to further accelerate their efforts."

By the end of 2019, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informational Commission, Zhang Jianming, stated that Shanghai's goal is to install around 10,000 5G base stations and by 2021, they expect that the number will go beyond the triple quantity of 30,000.

"Shanghai also aims to nurture over 100 innovative companies specialized in exploring 5G-related application scenarios, whose industrial output is expected to reach ¥100 billion or US$14.9 billion by 2021," the deputy director said.

Analyst Xiang Ligang further commented that China wants to move ahead of the others in building the fastest 5G network. It is aiming to surpass the 5G speeds that will be offered in other countries. He mentioned that China is likely to achieve this and the support of the local governments play a big part in realizing this dream. 

Finally, Steve Lo, managing partner of technology, media, and telecommunications at Ernst & Young China said that the 5G opens many new opportunities and possibilities for various "life-transforming" applications such as in the auto and media sectors.

"It is also the key to unlock other technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet of things, therefore providing tremendous potential in China that could not be underestimated," Lo said.

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