PlayStation 5 Console and Controller Devkit Images Leaked Online

PlayStation 4
Alleged images of the PlayStation 4's successor have been leaked online. (Photo: Pixabay/InspiredImages)

Images of the alleged PlayStation 5 gaming console have appeared recently, eliciting a variety of responses from fans online. Read on for more details.

Sony's hotly anticipated console, the PlayStation 5, has been the subject of rumors lately. One recent news about the gaming system, however, goes beyond mere rumors -- images showing what appears to be the new gaming console have popped up online.

One image, which was leaked via Reddit (via Hot Hardware) showed the alleged PlayStation 5 console and controller. The console itself looks huge and unattractive, causing many fans to react negatively online. It has an optical drive, four USB ports, and something that looks like a display panel on the right side.

What most fans fail to realize is that this console is a pre-production, pre-release PlayStation 5 unit. It's called a "devkit" (shorthand for "development kit), a unit that is still in development-only status. Devkits deliver full functionality and allow developers to work with the system. These aren't for mass production and certainly, aren't for consumers.

The unattractive console looks tall, indicating the need for large, vertically mounted graphics modules, or powerful cooling systems.

The leaked image, which has since been deleted, also shows the controller. A leak from Twitter user Ray Sekiro shows the controller in detail, revealing some of its features.

The wireless controller, shown while hooked to a USB cable, shows a lit-up LCD panel featuring what appears to be a chatbox. Hot Hardware notes that the LCD panel could help improve the PlayStation 5's gaming experience in a variety of ways.

First, the display could help players by showing things or information they'd usually get from another screen. This helps for more seamless gameplay.

Second, the display could be used to show the in-game map. Some games have maps appearing somewhere on the screen, blocking other important details. Other game maps can be accessed by going to another screen. With the map displayed on the controller screen, players won't have to deal with these things anymore.

The display could be used for a host of features, but since these are but leaks, players shouldn't raise their hopes too high. These images aren't verified yet, and unless Sony announces something about the PlayStation 5 console and controller, fans are advised to take the news lightly and with a grain of salt.

What's more, the leaked images show alleged PlayStation 5 devkits. Even if these are legitimate, they do not represent the actual finished product Sony will produce and sell to consumers. It's best to wait for the game company to show how the real thing looks like.

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