Vietnam’s Flower Industry Struggling With Lack Of Technological Upgrades And New Seeds

Flower field
A butterfly is pictured as it sits on a flower on a field near the village of Agia Anna, Cyprus March 22, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/ Yiannis Kourtoglou)

Vietnam's Lam Dong is one of the largest flower producers in the country but the local industry has been struggling to supply local demand due to insufficient technological upgrades in its flower-growing systems and a lack of new seeds to start with.

According to Viet Nam News, Lam Dong Province is recognized in Asia as an area that produces high-quality flowers. However, poor storage conditions and inadequate supply of new seeds block the province's goals of supplying its country with its flower needs.

Lam Dong is producing around 50 percent of the country's total flower output annually but some industry analysts fear that the latest issues on seedling supply and storage conditions could lower the growth foresight for this year.

Aside from apparent problems in the overall flower industry, Vietnam also has to deal with the issue of importing new seeds from other countries. The process can get too complicated for some farmers, leading to stunted flower cross-breeding and growing. The development of new flower types is also being hampered by such problems.

A Da Lat Flower Association representative revealed that many flowers in Vietnam have no copyright and research facilities find it difficult to produce studies that will help the flower industry bloom as expected.

Furthermore, the majority of farmers don't have access to modern machinery that only a few foreign flower companies in the country are using. When selling flowers, most farmers also rely on intermediaries instead of taking time to conduct market research so they will have a better idea of pricing their products.

Despite multiple challenges in Vietnam's flower industry, the country recently found the opportunity to further showcase its flowers in a global exhibition. According to Vietnam Plus, Vietnamese flowers were displayed at the Ikenobo Ikebana Flower Exhibition in Osaka City, Japan.

Industry analysts said Vietnam's display of flowers in global exhibits will help boost interest in the country's local produce. This could then open doors for export opportunities and partnerships with other farming regions for the exchange of new seeds.

This month's Ban Flower Festival in Dien Bien Province was also viewed as a great way to let global investors know that Vietnam is still on the run towards becoming a leader in the global flower industry. Visitors from various countries traveled to see the festival that featured both cross-bred and local flowers.

Industry experts recommended that there should be improved cooperation between the Vietnamese government, farmers, and flower businesses. They said the cooperation should yield improved policies on importing new seeds so flower growers can explore new flower types and also adopt modern farming technologies.

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