Tokyo Chef Creates Giant Burger To Honor New Japanese Emperor In Reiwa Era

(Photo: Flickr/Imad Kanaan )

A chef at the expensive restaurant, Oak Door Steakhouse, made a giant burger filled with Japan's world-famous wagyu beef, foie gras, and shaved truffles. The monster burger was said to have been created to honor the new Japanese emperor and era that were revealed earlier this week.

According to The Straits Times, the burger is expensive because aside from the mentioned toppings, its bun was also dusted with gold. The football-sized hamburger weighs around 3 kg. and measures 25 cm. in diameter. It went on sale on April 1.

"We wanted to do something to celebrate the new emperor and a new era for Japan," the news outlet quoted Patrick Shimada, head chef at the Oak Door restaurant as saying during the introduction of the massive sandwich. "It also gets me more in touch with my Japanese roots."

He added, "Doing this through an American-style burger using Japanese ingredients - it's kind of like myself in a bun."

The chef said that they are expecting the rise of this type of burger after they introduced it to the locals. "There are so many burger places in Japan these days. You can get a burger almost anywhere and things catch on - and when they catch on in Japan, they kind of blow up," he said.

It was mentioned that the golden burger will remain on the menu list until the end of June and a month after the coronation of Crown Prince Naruhito as the new Emperor of Japan's new imperial called Reiwa. The assigning of the new Emperor came after Emperor

As per AFP News, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that they chose "Reiwa" to be the name for the new imperial because of its meaning. The term came from the word "Manyoshu," a collection of Japanese poems that were written 1,200 years ago. The poems contain details about Japan's culture and long tradition.

"Just like amazing plum flowers in full bloom that signal the arrival of spring after a bitter cold, each and every Japanese person can hope for the future and make their own flowers blossom," the PM further explained. 

 In any case, the wagyu burger that commemorates the new imperial and Emperor also includes a drink to help the customers digest.  With its hefty price, this is such a welcome inclusion in the meal package.

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