QX Inspiration Sedan, Infiniti’s First Ever Fully Electric SUV

Challenging conventions to redefine the sports sedan. Keep your eyes on the Shanghai Motor Show – April 16. Discover the Qs Inspiration. #AutoShanghai #QsInspiration #ConceptCar
Challenging conventions to redefine the sports sedan. Keep your eyes on the Shanghai Motor Show – April 16. Discover the Qs Inspiration. #AutoShanghai #QsInspiration #ConceptCar (Photo: INFINITI USA/Instagram)

Infiniti unveiled their first ever electric SUV named the QX Inspiration sedan sibling.

As a part of their leap towards upgrading to the fad of electric vehicles, Infiniti introduced their first ever fully electric SUV. The QX Inspiration sedan concept is the company's cue that adopts almost all of the features of its sibling, the Q inspiration.

While QX departs the shadow of its sibling with its lack of grille giving it a cleaner and more attractive look, the majority of its features are inspired by the Q Inspiration Prototype 10 Speedster. Some highlights that the QX Inspiration adopted from its sibling, Infiniti's previous concepts are sloping roofs, the headlights which are attractively slim, the sculpted body giving it a more elegant look and the colossal wheels paving the way for a more courageous image.

Infiniti's QX Inspiration does not only boast on the external but has an equally interesting interior features to look forward to. Reports describe the cabin to be a product of traditional techniques and a choice of materials inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality executed using hand-craft. The feature will come along with what they describe as the lounge-like interiors with enough room for a cozy atmosphere both for the passengers and the driver.

QX Inspiration sedan concept boasts at its artistically crafted interior not only for its appearance but Infiniti assured that the spacious interior would be what car lovers are looking for. The spacious interior is divided into two major sections. The driver's seat is designed to be clutter-free for a more comfortable driving engagement for the driver while the passengers' seat is technically designed to give the passengers a very comfortable riding experience.

When it comes to performance, Infiniti expanded their efforts across the horizon to make sure that the QX Inspiration sedan concept satisfaction rate matches up if not exceeds the rate of satisfaction that car lovers had with the Q Inspiration with its variable-compression turbo gas-engine technology. The sleek Q Inspiration sedan was released in January last year.

The QX Inspiration battery power will come in two forms. Infiniti designed the newest sedan concept to give the driver the option to choose whether to use an all-electric power that fully depends on the charged supply on its battery or to use the small-gas engine assisted battery power making QX not fully dependent on electricity alone.

Infiniti's QX Inspiration sedan concept was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last January 14. The mass production is yet to be announced while Infiniti also mentioned that another sibling of QX, the Inspiration Qs will be revealed at the Auto Shanghai show.


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