Google Play App Store on Pixel 3 XL Android Phone, with Notch
The Google Play app store on an Android Pixel 3 XL smartphone, with the front-facing notch with cameras, sensors, and a speaker. (Photo: Tony Webster/Flickr)

Despite the news about an "unidentified" device still fresh, another Google employee dropped a bomb and this time, it points to quiet Pixel 4. While it's not uncommon that Googlers tend to hint on their new offerings, the Search Engine giant is seemingly taking things to hyperdrive. These are all rumors, though, and there's no telling whether Hiroshi Lockheimer was testing a new Pixel 3 variant or the Pixel 4. With that, the Smartphone world is excited by the revelation.

As suggested by numerous sources, particularly 9to5 Google, references directing to the advent of the Pixel 4 are starting to emerge. Insiders and followers have had a lot of experiences about leaks in the past; the Pixel 3 was, according to the website, was "one of the most leaked phones". The Pixel 4 on the other hand, is no exception and was made evident through a comment to an Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Slashgear also wrote that this the Pixel 4 was mentioned back in February and that it would have a "true dual SIM support."

What made the recent discovery more exciting is that it came from a legit source. The hint didn't come from a third-party body, but someone who works with Google. The thread that contained the name of the Pixel 4 originated from a discussion on fixing an issue on KASAN, or the Kernel Address Sanitizer Tool. This is used by Google to detect any memory error in a Linux kernel.

The essentials are vague, but the exchange claims that they are somewhat deploying a patch for the Pixel 3 and will also do it on the Pixel 4. The last sentence made the speculation all the juicier since it confirms that the Pixel 4 is not only under development, but some developers have already started using it. Other than that, the thread doesn't say that much. The only thing that made this interesting is the mention of the Pixel 4, and we will probably hear - and see - more in the coming months leading to its official release this year.

This is as close as we can get to the floating Pixel 4. There are conceptual renders, yes, but it's not concrete evidence. Patent documents were also discovered and reported; again, these are not set in stone and will most likely be changed in the development of the device. Another buzz that's floating around is Google's claim to retain the two-tone design and add another camera. While all of these, add to the stacks of Pixel 4 murmurs, we'd have to wait for more in-depth leaks in the future.