Apple Allegedly Making A Redesigned Small iPhone For 2020

iPhone XS replica
iPhone XS replica (Photo: Jenifer Chen/Flickr)

Apple plans to release its smallest phone so far, the iPhone as compared to any iPhone releases today.

Reports are now surfacing the internet about Apple's 2020 plans. One interesting revelation about their line-up for next year is the release of a much smaller iPhone as compared to the current model holding the title of being Apple's smallest iPhone for today.

The alleged smallest iPhone of today is expected to come with the name iPhone SE2. Anticipated to come after the shadow of its predecessor, Apple's 2020 planned phone release will even be handier than the SE2.

Reports hint that the alleged iPhone SE2 will come with a 5.42-inch display, 0.42-inch smaller than the iPhone SE. The screen size, however, does not suffer from the display as Apple's will feature a design with less bezel and free from the home button. Having no home button and bezel-less screen, the iPhone SE2 may take advantage of fitting it into a chassis which is a bit longer than the 4.87-inch iPhone SE. This means more room for improved performance in a much smaller package.

Leaks also claim that the alleged iPhone SE2 will adapt LG Display's TOE touch screen or Samsung Display's Y-Octa, a technology that makes the display thinner by allowing the touch circuit to be directly patterned on the film's encapsulation layer and makes the removal of the film substrate easier with the advanced flexible AMOLED display technology.

Since the alleged Apple's iPhone SE2 will be using a technology which is much cheaper than the present OLED technology than the other iPhone devices are currently using, hopes are high that this 2020 Apple plan will come at a more affordable price as compared to the and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS plus iPhone XR which uses the 6.1-inch LCD.

Aside from Apple's plan to release the iPhone SE2, allegedly the smallest iPhone release of today, the tech giant also plans to release another line of iPhones in 2020. The two other iPhones will come at 6.67-inch and 6.06-inch OLED display. The Cupertino tech giant is proving that they have the crown when it comes to the screen size expansion craze.

For iPhone SE users who love the idea of a handy iPhone, the iPhone SE2's portability is a great match. However for those who after the style in spite of the size and the price, the 6.67-inch as well as the 6. 06 inch OLED display could be what they are looking for.

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