iOS 12.2 Jailbreak, Apple Makes Jailbreaking Hard For The Latest Update

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Best Replica/Clone/Fake iPhone XR (Photo: Jenifer Chen/Flickr)

Apple is making it hard for jailbreakers to exploit its latest software update for iPhone and iPad, the iOS 12.2.

Apple recently released its latest software update, the iOS 12.2 for iPhone and iPad. If recent releases bring excitement to the jailbreak community with the hope of an exploit to be released soon, the tech giant's latest software update results otherwise as Apple is giving the jailbreak community a very little to no chance of jailbreaking this update.

The declaration that jailbreaking the iOS 12.2 will be hard came from a Twitter post from a well-known hacker with Twitter handler Pwn20wnd, the unc0ver lead developer. The said hacker is one of the most reliable sources making a name in the jailbreak history. He was the one behind both the iOS 11 and iOS 12 jailbreak.

On a Tweet released last March 25, the unc0ver developer expressed his hopelessness for a new jailbreak saying that iOS 12.0-12.1.2 could be the last jailbreakable iOS versions for arm64e devices also known as the A12-A12X devices.

He later responded to a tweet by Brandon Bazad saying that Apple successfully patched the PAC for iOS 12.2. He later reminded the iPhone users currently on iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2 to stay on their current version and avoid updating as this prevents them from possible jailbreaking in the days ahead. He also declared his expectation on his Tweet that devices operating in iOS 12.2 would be giving the jailbreak community a hard time in the days ahead.

The past months witnessed quite a tough battle between Apple and the iOS jailbreakers. As the jailbreak community awaits the new software updates from Apple, the tech giant is doubling its efforts in making sure that their latest updates are jailbreak proof.

Apple is allotting more budgets on their internal engineering teams to make sure that they release the most reliable updates on iOS. The engineering team's job does not end on creating and releasing the update alone. The Cupertino based giant hired developers and registered testers to make sure that the software update such as the iOS 12.2 went through a thorough test before being released to the public.

As of the moment, the jailbreak community remains mum on the latest iOS 12.2 jailbreak possibility with the Tweet from the unc0ver lead developer being the most reliable and concrete information for jailbreakers. However, iPhone and iPad users currently running their devices at iOS 12.0 to 12.1.2 are advised to avoid updating should the jailbreak community finally manage to come up with an exploit.

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