Sharp Rebranded Toshiba PCs, It Is Now Called Dynabook

A screenshot of Dynabook from Toshiba/Dynabook's official website. (Photo:

The Toshiba Client Solutions has been renamed and it is now called Dynabook Inc. The new name was originally announced in January but it was fully implemented just recently.

The rebranding was made known to the public via press release. Through the note, the computer manufacturing company explained the name change and part of the statement reads: "Toshiba Client Solutions Division (TACS), announced plans to use Dynabook branding on its portfolio of award-winning mobile computers and innovative IoT Solutions in the U. S. The company will start implementing the Dynabook branding on its products and services immediately."

In any case, the rebranding of Toshiba resulted from the fact that Sharp Corporation acquired 80.1 percent of Toshiba's personal computer division in June last year. Sharp is owned by Foxconn, the leading Taiwanese manufacturing company and it purchases Toshiba's PC division for just $36 million. 

The deal was finalized in October of 2018 and the purchase means that Toshiba will now have to operate through Sharp's office and showrooms. Dynabook will now also use Sharp's signage, interactive displays, printers, and monitors. 

Under the acquisition agreement, Sharp will have Toshiba's products, technologies, brands, sales channels, and even its staff and the rest of the assets in the PC division. The main goal was to blend the technologies made by Sharp and Toshiba Client Solutions in order to build the brand of PCs that will lead the computer market.

The release also indicated that Dynabook will center selling items that include business laptops and smart glasses. Toshiba's rebranded name of Dynabook will be used in Singapore, Australia, Europe, and Canada. With the rebranding, Dynabook will also introduce an array of new products.

"We will continue to reinvent mobility, expand our IoT and AR Smart Glasses portfolios and deliver world-class support to help improve our customers' ability to work smarter and accomplish more," Takayuki Tono, SVP for Dynabook Americas Inc., said.

At any rate, Dynabook is already known in Japan because Toshiba started using the new brand for a while now. In the United States, the new name will be simply added to Toshiba's sub-labels so this means the names Tecra, Portege, and DynaEdge will continue to be around.

For instance, items will be called Dynabook Tecra C40, Dynabook Portégé A30 and so on. Finally, it was noted that the names are retained for Dynabook Americas and Europe to help maximize the power of the new brand. 

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