'Elementary' Season 7 Surprisingly Renewed, Might Arrive On CBS With All-New Plot

Elementary Season 7 on CBS
The renewal of the seventh season of "Elementary" came as a surprise to everyone. So, the plot might feature a whole new flavor. (Photo: ElementaryCBS/Facebook)

When Elementary ended its sixth season in September 2018, it has been very clear to all the viewers and fans that the show will no longer produce a new installment. This is why the supposed series finale granted a happy ending to both Holmes and Watson as they flew from New York to start a new life back in London.

But to the surprise of many, CBS appears to be not yet done with the procedural drama series to the point that they ordered a new season of Elementary. And this brought joy and excitement to the fans of the show.

While many fans are rejoicing about the imminent return of the show, this has become a real challenge to the series creator, Robert Doherty, along with the writers and showrunners. At the time of the creation of the sixth season, everyone in the production is already set for a good series finale. But due to the events that occurred after, they need to make an all-new plot for the upcoming season.

Aside from creating a twist as to why Holmes and Watson would need to go back to New York, the production will also need to come up with a much newer, fresher, and better ending to the series. This is because the seventh season of Elementary is now set to be the final installment of the show.

But even so, the new season is now expected to arrive on May 23, on CBS. And this only goes to show that the whole set and production was able to come up with a plot that can justify the ending of the sixth season.

On another note, this has become a challenge as well for the fans and viewers of the show. Since there were no hanging loose ends when the previous season ended, it's pretty difficult to come up with a few predictions and theories as to how the new season will go. And the only way to catch up with Elementary is to watch each episode once it arrives. In a way, this is beneficial to the series and network as it adds more hype, excitement, and thrill to the fans and viewers.

As for the cast, Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller will reprise their roles as Dr. Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes, respectively. Also, it has been recently revealed that Rhys Ifans will return as Detective Bell and Aidan Quinn as Captain Gregson.

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