'God Friended Me' Episode 20 Spoilers Reveal Identity Of Henry Chase

God Friended Me
"God Friended Me" episode 20 will air on April 14, on the CBS. (Photo: God Friended Me/Facebook)

God Friended Me episode 20 will be the season finale for the series, and it finally reveals the identity of Henry Chase. The character has been one of the mysteries this season, particularly his past with Simons and his possible involvement with the God Account. So, here are the things to expect in season 1 finale.

CarterMatt reported Derek Luke portrays the character of Henry Chase, someone who loves hiding. The character is the former partner of Simon Hayes (Adam Goldberg) and Pria Amar (Parminder Nagra). Showrunners Bryan Wynbrandt and Steven Lilien told TVLine no one seen or heard from Derek in 10 years, so he becomes the lead suspect of the God Account.

As per the synopsis of God Friended Me episode 20, Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), Cara (Violett Beane), and Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) will finally see Henry face to face after the God Account sends Simon Hayes' name to Miles. So, what's the meaning of this, then? Getting the name of Simon via the God Account is a twisted turn in this season, especially he was suspected of running it. That means the man in charge is now the man in need of help.

That's fascinating as the message of the series is to bring everyone together, even if you're wealthy or poor, or if you have faith or not. It's possible the God Account is helping everyone regardless of what status people may have. And aside from navigating the mysterious character of Henry, viewers are also hoping to see the future of Miles and Cara's relationship. Can they work together and find ways to make this relationship work?

The good news is that CBS announced it had renewed God Friended Me for season two. Eye Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said the series has been performing well on Sundays and it is also one of the top three new series on TV. Thus, it's possible the writers were ending the first season with a cliffhanger and are also preparing on what's coming on the next installment. They could likely create a touching, yet powerful story at the same time. After all, the show has been a fresh air for many, and hopefully, the style and tone of the story will stay the same while it moves on in the second season.

God Friended Me episode 20 will air on April 14, on the CBS.

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