Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Wants To Save Their Marriage Amid Cheating Rumors

Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Wants To Save Their Marriage Despite Cheating Rumors
Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter reportedly “doesn’t want” their marriage “to end” amid rumors he cheated on her. (Photo: The Heart Truth/Flickr)

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams' husband as well as business partner, reportedly "doesn't want" their marriage "to end" amid rumors he cheated on her. He claims he still has feelings for her, despite talks coming out on him having a mistress who has supposedly given birth to their baby recently.

Hunter, who shares a son with Williams, is characteristically tight-lipped about his personal life and has not shared any details on his reported extra-marital affairs, much less on the rumored baby. The two have been married 22 years and have these past few years been relentlessly followed by infidelity rumors.

While the television producer ostensibly still cares deeply about the 55-year-old American television show host, he is also described as being terrible at showing his real feelings, purportedly having a "funny way" of displaying his love, a source reveals.

The Jagger's Revolution best-selling author, it is said, is not into sharing what goes on with his life. He has neither "opened up" about his alleged affair nor his supposed baby. He has not been forthright to anyone about whether he is concerned about losing his wife of two decades or if he wants to start over with someone else.

However, it was recently publicized that Hunter Sr. and his rumored mistress of 10 years or so, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to their love child just this week, although, again, it was never publicly acknowledged by the Canadian producer.

A source who, in the past, was close to Hunter has claimed that "everyone at the show" supposedly believes the rumors on the baby to be true, but no one can get confirmation because this producer-millionaire has kept mum about the issue. He prefers to keep his emotions inside, the source shares, not airing out any of his concerns so that it is difficult for others around him to be sure what the score is.

In the meantime, amidst these unconfirmed reports about her husband, the popular host of The Wendy Williams Show is said to be "coming to terms" with the reality that her marriage may have "run its course" and is now considering filing for divorce, as was shared by a close associate of hers.

Williams, as this same source claims, apparently sees no other way out of this but to "absolutely" divorce Hunter. But there are other difficulties the couple has to deal with regarding the present situation they are facing.

Williams and Hunter share a partnership in their production company, the Wendy Williams Productions, the same one that produces the former's long-standing show. Moreover, Hunter up to now is still Williams' manager.

Another source has revealed that Williams, despite reports of her considering divorce, also still has feelings for her husband. But their business relationship makes it complicated, and the two are said to be taking a closer look at what it would mean if they separate.

There is also Williams' health to take into consideration. The daytime show host recently made public her fight against alcohol and drug addiction. She admitted she has been living at a recovery facility in Queens, where her husband had placed her. She was given a signal to continue her filming and steps out of the facility to do just that.

Williams had been planning to take a break sometime next week before these reports on her husband came out.

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