‘GTA 6’ To Be Launched On These Platforms

GTA 5 @4K
GTA 5 @4K (Photo: K2NK/Flickr)

Rockstar remains mum regarding the hotly anticipated next installment to the wildly popular "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, "GTA 6." Despite their silence, the rumor mill continues to churn out interesting speculations about the game. Read on for more details.

Previous reports revealed various speculations related to GTA 6's gameplay, characters, location, and setting. Although all of them are but rumors, many of them seem logical and might even be proven true if and when the game sees a release in the future.

First, there were speculations that GTA 6 will feature multiple protagonists -- two, to be exact. One of them will be a female, and the other a male playable character.

Rumors said these two characters will be very different from each other, in that one of them will be against the law, like every GTA protagonist to date; and the other will be on the side of the law, i.e. a police officer or something like that.

Rumors also said players will be able to play as these two characters alternately, depending on where they are in the story.

Second, there were rumors of the game being set in a familiar map known as Vice City. Rockstar earlier released a title set in this GTA version of Miami. This title, aptly named "GTA: Vice City," is a favorite among many players.

While it seems logical for Rockstar to feature a popular map that once became a hit among many GTA fans, today's technology demands for bigger maps spanning multiple cities. This gave rise to other rumors that said GTA 6 will also feature different locations based on South America.

Other rumors said GTA 6 might be set in London. A GTA title was once set in London, and although that London map was cool for its time, it's unlikely for Rockstar to make another GTA title set in another London-based map.

This is confirmed by GTA co-writer Dan Houser who, in an interview during the launch fo GTA 5 more than five years ago, said: "GTA is America." Based on this, the next GTA title, GTA 6, can be expected to be set in America. Where in America? Rumors also say that the map might span the whole of America.


Rumors of characters, gameplay, and maps aside, one key detail that remains missing is a release date and the corresponding platforms the game can be played on.

If the game is released on or before 2020, Express says it will be released for next-gen gaming systems PlayStation 5, Xbox Two, Google Stadia, and the PC. It might also see a release for current-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

If it gets released in 2021 and beyond, however, current-gen console owners will have to get next-gen gaming systems to play it. Sadly, all fans will just have to wait for Rockstar to make an announcement at a time only known to them.

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