JYJ Yoochun's Ex Hwang Hana Arrested For Drug Use

Yoochun's Ex Hwang Hana
Park Yoochun reportedly had his tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face on his arm removed after drug allegations were laid on the latter. (Photo: MBN Screenshot)

The granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Founder Hwang Hana (31) has been arrested by Police.

On the afternoon of the April 4th at about 1:45 pm, Hwang Hana, who was hospitalized at the Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, Seongnam City, was arrested by police wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt and long khaki skirt. She was then rushed to the southern Gyeonggi province police station with a black hat and a mask covering her face.

In the process of getting arrested by Police when asked by reporters, "do you admit to the drug charges?" and "who is the chief of police that your father called his best friend?"

She didn't answer any of the questions. Instead, she kept her head bowed the whole time and reporters couldn't even see her face or facial expressions as she was covered up in a mask.

Hwang Hana was arrested as she didn't submit to a subpoena by the Police several times on the 3rd for a re-opened investigation from September 2015 for allegedly supplying .5 grams of meth to 'A'. The socialite is also being investigated for sharing illegal hidden camera videos in a Katalk chat with friends.

Hwang Hana is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of JYJ Yoochun's and the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Founder. She's also famous for showing off her friendships with celebrities on her SNS.

Following are the Korean netizens' response:

[+698, -3] Why can't you just live a good life with all that money.

[+359, -23] These rich kids are even worse than Seungri. She's got nothing to do with all that money but abuse drugs. If I had all that money I'd take a good look at my friends and acquaintances...sigh so disappointing

[+217, -2] Your life now is going to be embarrassing anal exams.

[+201, -2] What's more surprising is that Seungri is still not arrested

[+122, -20] I'm sure toilet Yoochun is now going to sleep a little better

[+21, -1] I don't know who's more trash...Korean Air or Namyang

[+21, -2] Whether it's true or not I will never again eat Namyang

[+8, -0] Shouldn't we also investigate Jongno Police Station?

This article is originally published on Daily Naver.

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