Gen Z And Millennials Impacting Digital Ordering And Clean Eating Trends

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Eating and purchasing behaviors of Generation Z and Millennial food consumers could help the industry come up with new trends and campaigns that will boost sales, experts said.

According to Food Business News, David Portalatin, Vice-President and Industry Adviser for The NPD Group, said that generational traits could help food providers and manufacturers determine how long trends will last and what new trends could be attractive for these buyers.

Digital purchasing of food is particularly being driven by Gen Z consumers who are very much into the virtual world. "Generation Z today, they are the people that can face-time their friends, text their mom and order pizza at the same time," Portalatin said.

Last year, statistics revealed that digital ordering at restaurants saw an increase of 5 percent in total orders compared to the 2 percent recorded five years back. Of the people who make online orders, consumers under 35 are more or less likely to order their groceries using mobile devices.

Portalatin noted that these purchasing traits should be used by food industry leaders to develop campaigns that will attract the consumers that largely have a positive impact on the current trends in the sector.

A new report predicted that the food delivery services sector will expand at a CAGR of over 8 percent by 2026. Researchers said the increasing number of consumers who prefer the convenience of placing online food orders will play a major role in driving growth in the food delivery sector.

Millenials, on the other hand, are consumers who propel the food industry's clean eating segment. According to Portalatin, millennial mothers are spurring a movement that promotes organic food and this trend is gradually becoming a norm among younger parents.

Food manufacturers have been urged to consider offering clean label products to consumers who prefer organic food. The latest data revealed that clean eating figures showed the highest among children below nine years of age, further prompting food manufacturing firms to develop products that target millennial moms who feed their children healthier and cleaner products.

Among the companies that have started promoting clean eating campaigns are EVOS Restaurants and ShopAdvisor. The two firms announced on Wednesday the launch of an initiative aimed at engaging customers in some U.S. states to clean and organic offers.

The joint venture will also commemorate Earth Day through giving out organic milkshakes for free as part of the program that seeks to introduce food and beverages that are healthier as well as promote packaging made from sustainable raw materials.

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