Mayweather Rebuffs Boxing Return Claim Of Father, Remains Retired

Floyd Mayweather was in the Philippines recently and similar to past visits, a rematch with Manny Pacquiao is the main thing that comes into the minds of many.

But same as previous run-ins with the eight-time division champion, there was no talk nor negotiations about a potential rematch. The boxing world remains divided on seeing a sequel and the American boxer once again reiterated that he has no immediate plans of fighting and is currently retired.

Aside from that Philippine visit, Mayweather Sr. also sent feelers that his son may be returning to the ring soon. The Flamboyant One finally set the records straight, saying that all the information that his dad gave was totally false," Floyd Jr. said to's Ben Thompson.

Also, Mayweather advised everyone not to believe word on his plans unless it comes directly from him.

“At the end of the day, if you hear anything, it’s not true. Like I told you the other day, if they didn’t hear it on FightHype or they didn’t see it on my social media page, it’s not true!”

It was just recently when Floyd Mayweather Sr. appeared on the Las Vegas Sports Network and insinuated that his son still has the fire to fight in the ring, thus sending off mixed signals to boxing pundits of a potential return.

With most aware that money is a driving factor to convince Mayweather Jr. to wear boxing gloves once more, the logical choice was of course Pacquiao.

So if one puts the pieces together, a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao rematch would have made sense. Unfortunately, the undefeated boxer seems uninterested for now and made it clear that he has no immediate plans of fighting, at least for now.

Mayweather last got in the ring when he faced Tenshin Nasukawa last New Year's Eve. He schooled the Japanese fighter and quickly finished him in the first round and ended up with big money afterward. There were suggestions that he could be facing other kickboxers soon although nothing has gone beyond this as of this writing.

As for Pacquiao, life goes on. The Filipino boxer-senator is reportedly choosing between Keith Thurman or Danny Garcia for his July fight with the former looming as a more sensible foe for the Pac-Man.

Whoever he fights next, Pacquiao is obviously keeping the door open for a Mayweather rematch. With age clearly catching up on both boxing icons, it is clear that the window of opportunity as far as a rematch is concerned is getting smaller - same with boxing fan interest.

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