Samsung May Release Up To Four Galaxy Note 10 Models This Year

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Samsung will always have this penchant to add models to its wide array of Smartphone lines. Apparently, the South Korean tech firm wants to give something to someone. It may or may not be groundbreaking, but a Mini can be appealing to a user with small hands, while a device with something extra can do, well, extra tasks.

Samsung shelves are a bit crowded as of late, but is seems that they are planning to add more. The Samsung Galaxy Note can and will be considered by many as the company's premium take on the ever growing phablet market.

For years, the handset has been outfitted with the latest technology and innovating the game through a wide spectrum of novel features. The 10th version of the Galaxy Note is no exception as fans and followers regard is one of the best devices Samsung has made thus far.

Sources are now pointing that Samsung is planning to release two versions of the Galaxy Note 10 in Q3 of this year. Phone Arena said that the reason why Samsung has decided to release two versions of the Note 10 in the form of the Note 10e and Note 10+ is because of the success of the Galaxy S10e.

The numbers are still scarce, but the website knows for a fact that the Galaxy S10e shipped more units during its first day of availability than the Galaxy S9. Still, Samsung isn't done with the expansion of the Note 10. Reports coming from BRG states that Samsung is not just planning on two variants of the Not 10, but up to four models this year.

According to them, two LTE-exclusive Note 10 models with screen sized of 6.28inches and 6.75inches will be outfitted by triple and quadruple cameras, respectively. They also mentioned that the LTE models will also have a 5G counterpart, making the total number of Note 10s to four.

This would also mean that there will be two types of upcoming Note that will be "different in design and performance." The specifics stopped there, but it's likely that the LTE should come out as the Galaxy Note 10e and Galaxy Note 10+.

What they're also looking at is an affordable version of the Note 10 - something relatively familiar when Samsung introduced the Note 10 Edge some years back. With four Note 10s and four Galaxy S10s to choose from, Samsung should be riding on cloud 9 and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. 

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