Explore Udaipur: India's Venice Of The East And 3 Best Places To Visit

The Indian city of Udaipur is called the Venice of the East on its own right
The Indian city of Udaipur is called the Venice of the East on its own right (Photo: Cheryl/Flickr)

The Indian city of Udaipur is called the Venice of the East on its own right. It holds grandest places that no one will think to be a part of India. Its rich history, heritage, forts, palaces, and lakes made up its unique beauty that stands out from the rest, making it the best place to visit. 

Udaipur is considered a royal dynasty for being one of the oldest in the world. According to The South China Morning Post, the House of Mewart is built dated back to AD734.

Being in Udaipur will make you feel you're in a different part of the world with its calmness and tranquility that are too far from what India is known. The place will give a "compact, intimate feel" because of the ancient Aravalli Range of mountains that surrounds the city.

Boys can be seen diving into the water, holy men are chanting their prayers, and honeymooners are sitting nearby while holding hands. One of Udaipur's main attractions is the City Palace, comprised of 11 palaces built over centuries ago. It gives a wide view of balconies, turrets, towers, and cupolas that are made of creamy granites that as high as the sky.  

Udaipur also has a gigantic museum. Everything that the maharajas use is emblazoned with beautiful decorations, from cups to cushions and more. 

"The palace is the soul of the city," the City Palace Joint Custodianship Initiative CEO Vrinda Raje Singh said. "We discovered a hidden room we had no idea about the other week. Even now it keeps happening, a secret passage or room ... the palace is so vast."

There are a lot of things to do and many places to go when you're in Udaipur. In a list made by Padharo, tourists can visit Lake Pichola to witness the picturesque lake situated amidst Udaipur, Rajasthan, the real heart of the city. It is the oldest and largest lake in the city that gives visitors a spectacular view of temples, lakeside restaurants, mountains, and the crystal clear water.

Udaipur also has an artificial lake called Lake Fateh Sagar located on the north-west side of the city. Despite being non-natural, the place holds immense natural beauty. It also has a small island in the middle of the lake, a garden, and a boat-structured restaurant.

One of the most important tourist attractions and every visitor must see in Udaipur is Jag Mandir or the Lake Garden Palace. It will give tourists a royal feeling with its architectural marvel, enormous beauty, and the journey of being there.

Udaipur possesses great beauty that will stun everyone who will visit the place with its magnificence, elegance, cultural background, and royalty. It will give tourists a different view of what splendor other places in India hold.

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