Warner Bros Takes Legal Action Against Trump's Copyright Campaign Video

Trump Campaign
U.S. President Trump awaits arrival of Egypt's President Al Sisi to the White House (Photo: Reuters)

United States President Donald Trump recently posted a campaign video on Twitter, which has resulted in legal action being taken by Warner Bros. The video, which was captioned "Make America Great Again," apparently contained a piece of copyrighted music that was taken from the Warner Bros-produced movie "The Dark Knight Rises."

The two-minute video was meant to promote Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign and contained various shots of the president during his first two years in office. The shots of the president were juxtaposed with shots of his various political opponents including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The video also contained brief shots of Trump in various meetings, including his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Brazilian president Jari Bolsonaro. In the first three hours since the video was posted on Tuesday, it had gained over 1 million views.

Shortly after the Tweet was posted, the president's social media followers were quick to point out that the video featured Hans Zimmer's song "Why Do We Fall" from the 2012 Warner Bros film.

According to reports, the video may have been lifted from YouTube, which was then posted to a Reddit thread dedicated to Donald Trump. The original video had cited Zimmer as the owner of the music, but it is still unclear if explicit permission was obtained.

In response to Trump's video, Warner Bros issued a statement claiming that the use of its movie's score was unauthorized.

The company also explained that it would work through the appropriate legal channels to have the video taken down. Warner Bros reportedly filed a copyright infringement complaint against the president following its announcement.

Hours after Warner Bros had issued their statement revealing their intention to take legal action, the video was then removed from the social media platform. A message from the platform took the place of the video stating that it had been removed in response to a report from copyright holders.

This is actually not the first time that the president had blatantly used copyrighted music without permission.

Several artists such as Pharrell Williams, Prince, and the Rolling Stones have had cases where they requested the President and his campaign allies to stop playing their songs during their various events and marketing campaigns. Trump is also known for using various pop culture references to promote his agenda. During the peak of the tensions with Iran, Trump had used a poster inspired by HBO's "Game of Thrones" series. Trump also references the series' popular slogan "winter is coming" and modified it to "sanctions are coming" to fit the situation.  

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