Lee Min Ho: Suzy Bae's Ex Teased He Will Work On A 'Great' Project After Completing Military Service

Lee Min Ho
"I'd like to come back healthy and make them (fans) happy again with a great project," Lee Min Ho said. (Photo: Cheon Fong Liew/Flickr | Cropped)

Avid followers of Lee Min Ho are now excited about his upcoming discharge from the military after serving for, more or less, two years. The former boyfriend of Suzy Bae served as a public service officer and underwent a formal military training last year. Now, fans of the Legend of the Blue Sea actor are wondering what his new project could be after completing his mandatory service.

A few days after the official announcement of his enlistment, Lee Min Ho divulged that he would be involved in a great project once he is discharged. "I'd like to come back healthy and make them (fans) happy again with a great project," the Suzy Bae' ex-beau, previously, said. This, then, pushed fans to speculate and create their theories about the South Korean superstar's new project.

Many fans are requesting Lee Min Ho to reunite with Park Shin Hye in The Heirs 2. As a matter of fact, the pair's followers even created a petition for them to work to get back together for the yet-to-be-confirmed sequel. For starters, The Heirs centers on the story of two teens, who from different social backgrounds, encountered each other in the United States and got reunited when they attended an exclusive high school in South Korea.

While having another installment for the popular South Korean television show is highly feasible, Park Shin Hye, already, denied that rumors claiming that she and Lee Min Ho will work together again. However, things may still change anytime, especially with the fan's insistent demand. Besides The Heirs 2, the 31-year-old Hallyu star is also rumored to return in the small screen via The Legends of the Blue Sea Season 2 and a brand new drama with Park Shin Hye.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho just proved how caring he is as a friend. On March 20, the former leading man of Jun Ji Hyun sent Jung Il Woo a food truck while the latter films for the SBS drama titled Haechi. Min Ho's close friend took it to social media to thank him for his surprise gift. "My Min Ho, thank you so much," Il Woo wrote along with a photo of him standing in front of the food truck.

The food truck, based on the uploaded photo, featured a banner saying: "Hwaiting to the production team and actors of 'Haechi'! Please take care of my Il Woo." In February, Jung Il Woo shared how he and Lee Min Ho became so close since they were in high school. During a My Ugly Duckling episode, the Haechi star divulged that their houses are just nearby each other.

The ex-boyfriend of Suzy Bae is set to be discharged on April 25, 2019. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Lee Min Ho.

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