Newly Discovered Protein: Can This Be The New Fountain Of Youth?

Woman Raising Her Both Hands
Woman Raising Her Both Hands (Photo: Italo Melo/ Pexels)

People have always longed to become youthful all these years to the point that they are very much willing to invest a huge amount of money for it. An online beauty blog named Centsai revealed the real worth of the booming beauty industry at present. According to the site, global cosmetic surgery and procedure market cost so high that it is expected to reach $43.9 billion by 2025.

With this high demand, health experts and doctors are working hand in hand with science to unveil discoveries that could preserve one's youthful glow. Recently, a couple of experts were reported successful in reaching that goal, as they were able to discover a new protein that can be considered as the new fountain of youth.

The newly discovered protein, which they named COL17A1, is not like a magic pill that can restore and renew one person's cells instantly. Actually, according to experts, it is far more than that.

The protein is effective in keeping the skin unimpaired and intact and maintain tissue fitness because it removes weak cells and doubles the stronger and healthy cells of the skin. "Damaged or stressed stem cells can be selectively eliminated by intact stem cells every day in our skin," said Emi Nishimura, a professor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University's stem cell biology department, who led the research.

But unfortunately, because of several factors such as aging, health conditions, stress, radiation, heat, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle, COL17A1 depletes. With this, weaker cells are those that are reproduced and not the healthy ones anymore. This, as a result, makes the skin more susceptible to wounds, damage, and deterioration, as reported by South China Morning Post.

After learning about the importance of COL17A1, experts behind the study, which was published in the journal entitled Nature, decided to find a way on how to reproduce or stimulate this protein. They claim this could be an effective way to renew and give one's skin a new youthful life.

The experts were able to do that by isolating two chemical compounds - Y - 27632 and apocynin -. These compounds were later tested on both skin cells. After doing so, the experts instantly noticed how the drugs were able to promote wound repair especially in the "facilitating skin regeneration and reducing skin aging."

Meanwhile, the study about this protein and how it can be used for everyone's renewed youthful glow won't end right here. Experts are considering this as a stepping stone that could also renew and reverse the aging of other organs as well.

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