Nancy Pelosi Reiterates Joe Biden Backing, Swipes At Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Again

Nancy Pelosi Reiterates Backing For Joe Biden Despite Kissing Touching Controversy And Takes Another Swipe At Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterates her backing for Joe Biden despite kissing--touching controversy and takes another swipe at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (Photo: Reuters)

In a recent interview Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi reiterated her backing for Joe Biden despite kissing--touching controversy and took another swipe at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Speaker of the House stated in the aforesaid interview that it was no big deal if there was no woman candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. This comment did not make her favorite among the ranks of Hilary Clinton supporters.

She did applaud women who were gunning for the top White House position. And there are currently four who are in the running as major players in the field. Her stand is that any woman would be preferable to see taking the presidency in next year's polls, than having the incumbent President Donald Trump take an extended turn.

Pelosi believes the more important point is to put in place a Democrat, but confirmed that she would have no objections if the Democratic Party were to back only men for the position.

She stressed that she would "love" having two women officially nominated and that she would be happy to see that happen, but clarified that if there was no one, implying that "there isn't one" that could, that it "was not a ticket" everyone should "get behind."

She also shared that, as few as the male candidates for the presidency were, some have already decided in taking on a woman as a running mate while others are considering the move.

The fierce realist wants people to consider the long-term considerations when making their selection, to go with someone who has a "track record."

As she continued to place her backing behind Biden, she brushed aside the recent accusations against the latter, stating that he appreciated why his inappropriate touching and feeling criticisms were an issue.

She instead tried to place more focus on what Biden was said to have done for the "American people" as well as "for women." Pelosi referred to his support of the Act on Violence Against Women and the legislation for equal pay.

Her popularity does not seem to be her goal or the issue when she endorsed aspiring presidential bid Joseph Biden, Jr. As the House Speaker, she spoke as someone who has had to contend with steering young liberals and the more established party members in what is the most widely variant caucus ever.

It is not only that but as the present Democratic Party leader until an official candidate is chosen for the party, she is prodding her party members to sift through the presidential hopefuls, including Biden, in upcoming the debate process to commence in June.

Speaking of young liberals, the 79-year-old politician also took another swipe at the New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying, without making a direct reference to the latter, that granting that some people have a considerable following on social media, the more crucial matter is that there is a high participation in voting "on the floor of the House."

It is widely known that the AOC, as Ocasio-Cortez is commonly referred to on social media platforms, has some 3.9 million followers on Twitter. She uses her influence at such venues to throw criticism at Republicans or anyone who deigns to cross her.

Pelosi has previously mocked the "Green New Deal" which AOC initiated, referring to it as "whatever they call it" and saying that no one really knew what it was but "they're for it."   

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