A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul
A man tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 9 at its store in Seoul, South Korea January 7, 2019. Picture taken January 7, 2019. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji (Photo: KIM HONG-JI / Reuters)

Fans of the Galaxy Note are somewhat torn on their take about Samsung's decision to expand the models of the phablet. SamMobile, who was among the first to report about the issue, was able to post several articles that point to the South Korean to launch four variants of the Galaxy Note 10. Now, they are pointing that Samsung is keen on naming the larger model of the upcoming Note as the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

Relying on a recent tweet by resident leaker @UniverseIce, Sam Mobile claims that the larger version of the Note 10 will be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. The suffix isn't exactly Samsung's fetish as of late since they have been using the "+" as an indication that a device comes with novel inclusions. This too sets the Smartphone apart because of its new technicalities not found in other versions of the said line.

The website also recalled that the SM-N970 and the SM-N975 are the spearheads of the new Galaxy Note 10. The former will sport a 6.28inch screen, while the latter will tout a 6.75inch display. If @UniverseIce is correct, then these variants will be aptly known as the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

The "Pro" indication holds true in some essence since Samsung will be outfitting the two versions with a dual and triple camera setup respectively. A triple camera setup will greatly enhance the imaging capabilities of the handset. By this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will have more out of the box than its smaller counterpart in terms of camera specs and maybe, something more on the inside.

News about four models of the Galaxy Note 10 can still tickle the fancy of users. The aforementioned models, if the rumors are true, will be the 5G variants of the phablets. There will also be a 4G version of the Galaxy Note 10. Considering this, followers of @UniverseIce are seeing a Note 10 and Note 10 5G and a Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro 5G. Again, these are all bits and pieces that run the rumor mill, and we'll have to wait for Samsung to release an official statement about the future of the phablet.

For now, all rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should be taken with a grain of salt. All look good on paper, but months leading to its official release will gain more what if's and hints from Samsung. The device's official price and specifications are still in the shadows, too. Suspense is building and there's no telling when it will intensify.